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  1. Thombar


    Okie dokie, here's a newbie question for you. Everything I read here seems to suggest refilling all carts even if they aren't empty. Does that mean you top off old carts as opposed to dumping the ink still in the cart and refilling? Isn't that a waste of whatever savings you get from...
  2. Thombar

    Help with printing out of LR & PS

    I see all these questions and solutions (suggestions) for the Pro 100 and other printers and I'm still at an almost total loss as to how to set up my LR CC, PS CC, and Bridge to print. Can anyone direct me to a eBook or even a paperback book that explains how to print in general and more...
  3. Thombar

    Loading Problem

    I admit I don't use my Pro 100 very often but I wanted to yesterday. I believe I did everything correctly and was attempting to print using Photoshop CC. No matter what I tried I kept getting a message on the computer screen that said it was printing and at the same time it read "load paper."...
  4. Thombar

    Canon Pro 100 Refills

    Having followed this forum for several months now I have become really concerned about refilling my Canon Pro 100. Well in advance of the need I purchased a complete refill kit from Precision Colors. I have read the how to videos and think I know how to refill the cartridges but I am really...
  5. Thombar

    All in One

    I just purchased a Canon Pixma Pro 100 and love it. However, I need an "inexpensive" (under $100) all in one printer for copies, text, and scans. Any recommendations would be appreciated.