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  1. DHL

    Photo paper comparison

    Wanna know if you have tried A-Sub and Koala Luster photo paper before? How is their quality? Heard somebody said the price and quality are both attractive.
  2. DHL

    Canon IP7270 (Asia model) printer

    I am using Canon IP7270 (Asia model) printer. Due to ink cartridge cost issue, I need this printer set to IP7220 ( America model) so that I can use PGI-250/CLI-251 instead of PGI-750/CLI-751 ink set. As I know, we can do this thru service mode to change it. Is any one can teach me thru it. Thank...
  3. DHL

    Canon IP7270 (Asia model) uses cartridge PGI-750/CLI-751

    Does any body know that PGI-250/CLI-251 (for North America model IP7220) can also be used in IP7270 printer or not? Is firmware control the cartridge chipset recognition or something else? Can I just upgrade the firmware from Canon US into this IP7270 for using PGI-250/CLI-251 cartridges...
  4. DHL

    Thanks for the approval!

    I enjoy photo printing a lot. Like photo taking, post-production in RAW, share my photo with friends thru printing. Like to watch Youtuber, Jose Rodriguez and learned a lot about properly using printer and maintenance from him. Wanna learn from all of you, and share some experience, too!