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    Refilling Maxify cartridges

    Tried my first refill with a homemade refill tool. It failed due to the heat shrink tubing separating from the hypodermic needle base. Instead I just jammed the syringe base into the ink output port of the cartridge. Got it to refill but this didn't seal well. Picture has a cartridge ink...
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    Free to 1st IM: Canon PGI-220 & CLI-221 carts /w PGI-225 & CLI-226 chips

    I have 2 sets (5 color) of Canon (OEM) PGI-220 & CLI-221 carts that have their chips replaced with PGI-225 & CLI-226 chips, 3 sets of carts clips and 1 chip resetter I will give away, all used. I've moved on from my Pixma MX892 to a Maxify MB2720. These are free to the first person to IM me...
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    Recently purchased a Canon MB2720

    I recently purchased a Canon MB2720 to replace my pixma MX892. I've had the MX892 for many years and saved a lot of money by refilling with I plan on buying a refill kit for the MB2720: Anyone here use these kits from...
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    How to troubleshoot a Canon Pixma MX892 that suddenly stopped printing?

    I have a Canon Pixma MX892. It just suddenly stopped printing. When printing a test page or nozzle check page the printer thinks it's printing but its not. I'm sure the print head is not clogged because it printed fine last week and now when printing a test page there is zero ink on the...
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    Bad reset on CLI-226 cartridge chip

    I have a Canon Pixma MX892 that I use CLI-220 cartridges with chips replaced from CLI-226 cartridges. I've reset the chips and refilled the cartridges several times and everything has worked out great. Yesterday I replaced a cartridge in the printer but the refill didn't register as full with...
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    Free: 2 sets of PG220/CLI221 si ink level chips

    I took the si ink level chips off 2 sets of PG225/CLI226 and put them on refurbished PG220/CLI221. I'm willing to mail the PG220/CLI221 chips to whoever asks first.
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    Shelf life of refilled ink cartridges?

    I plan on buying some OEM CLI-220 and CLI-221 cartridges, swapping the ARCs from my PGI-225 and CLI-226 cartridges and refilling them for my Canon MX892. What would be the shelf life of these refilled ink cartridges? Currently we dont print a lot due to the cost of printing. But with...