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    Canon Pro 10 service tool #

    Does anyone know the correct service tool for resetting the waste Ink pads on the Pro 10?
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    Canon PRO-10 firmware update

    Has anyone seen any changes when updating with this latest firmware? The Canon site only lists "improved print quality".
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    Canon Service Tool >5103?

    Does anyone have a download for the Canon Service Tool for PRO 1, 10, 100 printers greater than 5103? I have looked but all claimed links are dead. Thank you.
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    @jtoolman, Do you still create icc's for the Canon Pro 10 using an X-Rite scanner? I had seen one of your YouTube videos explaining the printing process on my end, mailing them to you with 3 sheets of the same paper the color blocks were printed on, etc. thank you, harold davies Edit: by...
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    ICC for change to PC inks

    Am I confused or do you not create PRO 10 .icc's using Precision Colors Signature Ink 2? I am about out of OEM and have refilled my spare set according to your directions. Don't I need different icc's when changing inks? dubiously, harold