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    Need help with Canon Pixma Pro-1

    Hi Friends, I have a Canon Pro-1. It's running suddenly the power supply is out. One minutes the power is back. I turn on the Pro-1 and computer, but it's showed error 6700 on computer and has 26 times flash light orange. How can i solve this problem? Hope hear from alls.
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    Canon Pixma Pro 1 error 9000

    Hi Friends, I have a Canon Pro 1 Pirnter and it's showed error code 9000 on windown now. Could you show me how to solve this problem? Thank everybody.
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    Problem with Canon Pro 10

    Dear Friends, I have a problem with Canon Pro 10. One electrode of PGI72 is broken. Please see the attach file to know. Please show me how to solve this problem. Thank and best regards, Mr Cuong. Ha Noi, Vietnam.
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    Problem with Canon Pixma Pro 1

    Dear Friends, My name's Cuong from Ha Noi, VietNam. I have a Canon pixma Pro 1 Printer. It's used normally until last monday, it's show note error 1700, and i press the Stop/clear button, it run two days more. And now it show error 5B00. I want to ask friends to help me solve this problem. I...