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    Why are colored inks used when printing grayscale?

    Just curious as to why the color ink seems to get depleted when I'm only printing grayscale? Is there some kind of 'mini cleaning cycle' going on whenever I print something? I would think only the black ink would be used.
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    How can I install only printer drivers for MB5120?

    Basically, I don't want the fax drivers. Is there a way to uninstall just the fax drivers?
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    Need help with MB5120

    I think the printhead is clogged. This printer seems new even though I got it second hand. I have done a regular cleaning and a deep cleaning and both patterns look the same. I see some yellow and a little black on the paper but the patterns are not there. Also I am getting error 2500 when I...
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    Where to get refill supplies for MB5120?

    I'm in the US. Where is a good place to get ink, carts, chips, etc for this printer? TIA
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    Which Maxify do you recommend?

    I assume they are all refillable. I'm in the US. I'm looking for something equal to a MX870. Are there any deals to be had on one? Thanks!
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    I think it's finally dead (MX860)

    I had gotten the dreaded 'B200' error a couple of months ago but I fixed it by closing the lid on power up when the printhead was to the left (google for more info if interested). Ok well today it did it again so I reset it once but the error came back and then the screen slowly faded to black...
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    B200 error on MX850

    I haven't used the printer for a few months. Put it back in service yesterday. Had to do a few cleaning cycles but everything was fine. Today I slightly opened the lid to manually open the paper drawer and boom B200 error. I have tried to clean the printhead but I still get the error. Any...
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    I need the best order of operations to store a printer.

    I have a MX870 that I want to use the remaining ink out of the cartridges and then store them and the printhead long term. What is the best way to do this?
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    Can you use PGI-5/CLI-8 refill ink for PGI-220/CLI-221 printers?

    How much difference if any is there?
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    Anyone know how to reprogram a QY6-0067 printhead to use in a MX850?

    Apparently it is possible. I've got a QY6-0067 printhead from a dead MP610 that I would like to use in my MX850. Anyone know how to do this?
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    ADF on MX850 is misfeeding paper

    When the paper gets about half way in it shifts to the side. How can I fix this?
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    MP610 just suddenly died!

    The power to the printer was on. There was a power outage. When the power was restored, the printer was back powered on. I opened the printer to get access to the print head and the power light went off. I can't get the printer to turn back on. Any ideas? If it is dead, if there an easy...
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    Error message question

    This is specifically about a MX850. Does Canon report error messages in order? For example, if you have a 5010 error which is the last service call error listed does that mean there are no other errors? Is there a way to see all errors without a printout?
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    Recommended ink

    I used to use Hobbycolors for ink but they seem to be out of business. Who is a good ink supplier now?
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    MP610 questions

    I got a used MP610 (D=007.0) to get a spare printhead for my MX850. Then I read that originally the MP610 had a QY6-0067 printhead instead of a QY6-0075. Questions 1. Is the part number printed on the printhead somewhere? If in fact it is the 0067 printhead is it safe to use in the MX850? 2...
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    Need printer recommendation

    Assuming I can't buy another MX850, what printers do you recommend? I would like network compatibility (doesn't have to be wireless). I would like to be able to refill (I already have a resetter I use with the MX850). I DOESN'T have to be a multi-function even though I wouldn't mind it. I...
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    Is the printhead the most failed part on these printers?

    I am wondering whether I should buy a spare printhead or just buy a spare printer?