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  1. Nifty

    What Are You Currently Printing?

    I've realized there are lots of times where we're printing something and may not want to start a whole thread on/about that item. I also thought it would be fun to have a thread for us all to contribute to so we can see what people are printing... regardless of the type of printer. I know I'll...
  2. Nifty

    New PrinterKnowledge Homepage

    You may have already noticed this change when you typed in, or went to your bookmark for :) Well, we've been working on this new homepage for a while and we're SUPER excited to launch it! What started out as a way to accommodate our awesome POW (Picture Of the Week)...
  3. Nifty

    Creality Ender-3 On Sale - CRAZY PRICE - Walmart

    Ok, this is pretty much too good to pass up! I've never seen prices like this for the Ender-3 series... and including local shipping...
  4. Nifty

    Cool 3D Printer Filament Color Changer

    There are LOTS of different solutions to changing the color of filaments, but this one really is interesting! (first 5 mins of video) ... and more details here:
  5. Nifty

    Fun 3D Printing Tools - Self Tapping Drill Bits

    I often print holes into my 3D things in order to either attach them to something, to each other, or attaching things to them. So, I purchased a kit of metric "screws" / nuts and bolts: They work great, but sometimes I don't want to use a nut with the bolt. So, I've...
  6. Nifty

    New 3D printer makes multi-material robots

    Pretty interesting! This is a bit different from the single-nozzle / multi-material solutions I've seen before:
  7. Nifty

    New Feature Coming: PK Homepage With Include POW!

    A quick update on the missing POW situation! I've taken a couple of the challenges around the loss of the Picture Of The Week + our upgrade to the new forum software and turned them into a great opportunity!!! Last night I just hired a developer to create a "homepage" for all my sites. It will...
  8. Nifty

    Printer Knowledge Forum Software Updated

    Hey all! We updated to the newest version of the forum software. We still have some configurations and dust to clean-up, but hopefully things will work and look better than ever! There are also a few feature additions and changes to discover ;)
  9. Nifty

    3D Metal Printing

    From what I understand, these metal printers are usually hundreds of thousands of $$. Seems this one is "only" $5k: Pretty cool / interesting design and process!
  10. Nifty

    3D Printed Car Tray Coin Dispenser - Mazda 6

    My Mazda 6 didn't come with any good options for a coin tray. Originally I printed one of these: I even sprayed it with a bunch of coats of plasti-dip. It worked pretty well... until it fell apart. I realized I had printed it too fast, or with bad...
  11. Nifty

    3D Printed Rockets and Rocket Engines

    This was a fun watch!!
  12. Nifty

    Homemade... I Mean SUPER DIY 3D Printer

    This is pretty amazing! This is one really smart guy!!!
  13. Nifty

    Crest To Colgate Toothpaste Transfer Adapter

    FINALLY found a fun solution to an age-old problem!!! I like the travel size Crest, but like / have Colgate toothpaste. I printed these two and tested them individually, then mixed them in Tinkercad. Remixed from: and...
  14. Nifty

    My first totally useless print

    I'm pretty sure everything that I've printed over the last year-and-a-half has had some degree of functionality. I'd say the most useless things I've printed so far have been some kind of toy or trinket that shows off cool things that 3D printers do, like this favorite...
  15. Nifty

    Sugar Solution As Bed Adhesive

    This is interesting! Anybody willing to give it a try?
  16. Nifty

    3D Printed Whiskey

    Yup, you read that right! My awesome female friend just tagged me in a post with this video: More details in this video at the 0:45 mark:
  17. Nifty

    3D Printing Food Waste

    Curious what y'all think about this!
  18. Nifty

    3D Printed Pegboard Clips, Holders, Hooks, Parts, Etc.

    Recently, I decided to completely redo the wall above my workbench in my garage. I took down a cabinet and horrible tool-rack and installed pegboard from Home Depot. Of course, I could have purchased a bunch of pegboard hooks, etc., but what fun would that be. Next thing I knew, I was spending...
  19. Nifty

    3D Printed Wolf Costume - Claws, Fangs, & Ears

    My date for a party wanted to be "Red Riding Hood". I had two choices: Woodsman Wolf A Woodsman in the SF Bay Area would have just looked like a Hipster. But I didn't want to wear a mast or makeup for a wolf. I was going to just buy a costume, but decided to get creative. First I designed...
  20. Nifty

    Super awesome temp responsive color change filament - purple to pink

    I stumbled on this and immediately bought it! I used it to print these whistle bottle openers: Colder one on top, body-temp one bottom.