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    Ink Refilling questions on CLI-251 Printers

    Good day, we were looking for a 2nd printer for office work and managed to snag a relatively new MG5620 with a page count on the nozzle check of 50-100 pages for a cheap price.I was reading about the ink incompatibility issue on the newer printers and was wondering if an empty aftermarket cart...
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    mg6270 banding on yellow and dye black nozzles

    printed a nozzle check after noticing banding in the darker areas of the photo i printed today; came up with this: black and yellow showing weird bands/stripes: cleaning, deep cleaning ,change of cartridges were done and since this printer prints a lot more text than photos and that it was...
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    Hi, a new (sorta) member from the philippines who came upon this site to learn more about refilling the MG6270 and places to get ink for it (refills here are pretty much are for tricarts and no greys are available only in oem form but even that is rare) i'm currently refilling it with some...