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    Portable printers with individual ink tanks

    Canon offers the PIXMA TR150 and the TS202 as portable printers. Both use combined cartridges and disposable print heads. What's the smallest Canon printer that has individual ink tanks and separate print heads?
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    How to prevent Canon iP3000 from obsessively cleaning

    The Canon iP3000 runs obsessive compulsive cleaning cycles whenever used after even just a few hours of inactivity. Although some of the colors are mixing, cleaning is not the solution, and often those colors are not even being used at such times. Even nozzle checks trigger obsessive cleaning...
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    Canon PIXMA iP3000 magenta and yellow mixing

    Our Canon PIXMA iP3000 manufactured in (likely June) 2004 was in a garage for 10 consecutive years before being removed recently and having the print head rinsed. All colors have been working for a while now, and all of the original cartridges were recently depleted except for the yellow, which...
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    Canon PIXMA MX850 6A00 error and crowded cover

    Our Canon PIXMA MX850 had a B200 error. Canon has discontinued providing replacement parts, of course, because they want their products to be useless cinder blocks that don't even scan during errors. I installed a used replacement print head. It finally was able to fully turn on and copy, but...