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  1. SkedAddled

    Finally had a low-ink warning for PRO-100

    ...and I replaced the full cart set with flushed & refilled carts. Some drips occurred when releasing the storage clips, and I was prepared for that, just as OEM and other carts will do. A few more drips from some carts as opposed to others, but they're all good. It took but a few seconds for...
  2. SkedAddled

    US: Back again: PIXMA PRO-100 + paper for $59 after rebate

    Offer from B+H: Shown for $379 Add to cart for price of $309 Includes free 50-pack of 13x19-inch Pro Luster paper $250 rebate offered
  3. SkedAddled

    How about a file repository? Possible?

    By 'repository,' I'm referring to things such as Service Tool programs, official service manuals, and the like. Images to accompany any necessary instructions could be included as well, but what I'm suggesting is the likes of a downloadable collection of files specifically relating to various...
  4. SkedAddled

    Observations of CLI-42, 220/221 and 225/226 carts

    Speaking of OEM carts only here. All are similar in size with the exception of PGBK. Does not apply to CLI-42. 42, 221 and 226 carts seem identical in size, but probably have a few minor differences. All of them actually slot into both a PRO-100 and a MG5320, but it's not advisable to do so...
  5. SkedAddled

    Amused by Precision Colors' shipping

    So I purchased a couple sets of their silicone plugs for Canon carts to be used with my new PRO-100. They're actually different in shape and/or size from the ones supplied with the PGI/CLI-225 carts in the refill kit I purchased for my MG5320, but they are fine for the 100/CLI-42. The amusement...
  6. SkedAddled

    "Mark Forums Read" is directly below "Forums" at top of page. Why?

    Asking about this because it's awfully easy to mis-click the wrong one. If a person's not paying attention, they might reflexively confirm the action. I've accidentally clicked it a few times, but had enough mental wherewithall to not confirm.:\ Could it be moved to a separate and...
  7. SkedAddled

    OctoInkjet's shipping to US

    I've placed and paid for an order for the CLI-42 chip REdSETTER from Octo. I live in the U.S. Email from them provides a tracking number, dated June 11. PayPal was used to purchase; the charge was applied June 10. FAQs about shipping on their website tell of a New York distribution location...
  8. SkedAddled

    Where is the forum's server located?

    I only ask about this because I frequently receive timeouts when refreshing a page or clicking to go somewhere else. Am I a very long distance from the server here in the US? The domain is registered with GoDaddy, with a contact in California, USA. Seems unusual to me that a US-based server...
  9. SkedAddled

    PRO-100 cart refilling: Do I have this right?

    Just got a PRO-100 and love it. :) I finally have a pro-quality printer I can use to print and display/share my photography, and it ultimately will cost a pittance in the face of current rebate offers. My plan is to refill carts with PC inks and use their chip resetter(REdSETTER). I've another...
  10. SkedAddled

    PIXMA MG5320 - Thorough printhead cleaning method?

    So, I have a MG5320. I like it because it has a nice-quality scanner, among other features. But the display threw up the dreaded "Incorrect Printhead" error. History: Purchased new some years ago, around 6 years. Print output: Probably less than 300 pages. Inks used: Canon OEM at first...
  11. SkedAddled

    Introduction -- New Member

    Hello, everyone! Name is Craig. I've been lurking here recently, reading about Canon inkjets. I decided to join up and ask some questions due to a faulty printhead and the fact that I just obtained a new printer. I am also a sometime photographer, using a Canon EOS 50D with mostly...