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    New PrinterKnowledge header image

    Hey everyone, we decided it's time to put up a new header image on our site. We have some proposed designs here and we would really like to hear which of these you guys like and any other feedback/suggestions you have for us? Here's what we've got: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
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    ENDED - Winner Announced - Official PrinterKnowledge Picture Contest #2

    WINNER ANNOUNCED HERE NEW CONTEST HERE! Hey everyone, it's been awhile since we had a contest over here! The previous picture contest did great, so we decided to have another one! Here is what you need to know… To enter: Upload up to 3 (THREE) pictures maximum to this thread. Each submission...
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    We've got an exciting new system and process for our Picture Of The Week (POW), so we need your submissions!!! Your Submissions MUST: Be an image you took & own the rights to Be a sharp, clean, picture that's at least 800 pixels wide Include a short sentence about your picture, e.g., "Amazing...
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    Forum Feature Spotlight: Drag & Drop Uploading

    With the summer season just around the corner, we are sure that everyone's excited to just lie around and bask under the glorious heat of the sun. To add more to your excitement (hopefully), we are going to highlight another feature of our new and improved PK platform. Ladies and gents, we...
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    New Forum Feature: Multi-Quote Feature

    For those of you who love to quote posts from other members, here's a new feature that you will surely love. Introducing.... The Multi-Quote Feature. The Multi-Quote Feature is a feature that lets you quote multiple post from other members. Cross-thread quoting is also possible with this new...
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    New Forum Feature: Spoilers

    Spoilers - you either love them or hate them. :) For those of you who don't know: A spoiler is a bit of information that another person may or may not want to know, for example a big plot twist in a movie. Here's an example: For those who hate them, we feel for you! That's why we are proud to...
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    PK Official Poll Ideas/Suggestions

    Hey there fellow PK members! We love running "Official" polls where members can vote and express their opinions on a variety of topics. This is a way for our members to discuss these topics, and also allows us to learn more about the views of our members. And, come on, polls can be really fun...
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    PK Trophies - Get A Trophy Easy Peasy!

    We have a very cool new feature on this new platform called "Trophies"! Basically we award members with a trophy for different achievements. Some are SUPER easy to get (first post, first Like given, first Like received, etc.) and some are more challenging (5 year member, 10,000 posts, etc.)...
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    How to Change your Email Address?

    Did your registered email address at PK just expired? Or, do you probably just want to change the recipient of all your email alerts? Then, it's time to change the email address in your profile! It's quite pretty easy. Just follow these steps below ;) 1.) Move your cursor to your name at the...
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    Post Time / Date Added To Top Of Each Reply

    This is something we've wanted to add / change for a while! :) You'll notice now at the top left of every post above the "postbit" (postbit is the name of the area to the left of every forum post that has the poster's avatar/picture, username, post count, etc.) we've added the date and time the...
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    Forum Feature Spotlight: @<Username> Tagging

    Hey there fellow PK Members! Hope that all of you are having a blast using and exploring our new website platform. Since it is new, we've thought that it would be better if we highlight a New Forum Feature every now and then. This will help you get more familiar with the new features and...
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    Why Join Our Printerknowledge Community - Hey You Lurkers!

    We're lucky to have an amazing community here at PrinterKnowledge! Recently we made a huge change and updated our forum software. The new features and tools are proving to be worth the effort! Well, we recently realized that even though things look a bit different, the "feeling" of community is...