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  1. stratman

    Fearless Moderator The Hat Identity Uncovered

    I think I may have uncovered Uncle The Hat's secret identity. It now makes sense why he likes 3D printers so much -- self repair and upgrades. Seems like a great opportunity for Nifty to grab a couple...
  2. stratman

    The Hat's 5 Year Anniversary!

    Wanted to give a belated shout out to our fearless Moderator The Hat for his 5 years of faithful, diligent and superb shepherding of our wonderful PrinterKnowledge forum. Thank you, my friend. :hugs Here's when it all began...
  3. stratman

    Forum Software Changes

    @Nifty I see there are some changes with the forum software. Particularly noticeable to me are the changes to the posting controls. Will we be able to customize the controls as we like? Oddly, since first seeing these changes, the Smiley, Quote and Media buttons are now on the bar instead...
  4. stratman

    MG6120 printer showing "ink absorber nearly full"

    Welcome to the forum, BevG. What a great story you've shared! Your recipes are an instant heirloom and will be cherished as a taste of home wherever your family goes. Your trusty MG6120 will eventually stop working when the ink absorber pads are marked as full by the printer. At this point...
  5. stratman

    2.2lbs TECBEARS PLA 3D Printer Filament (1.75mm, Black) $16.99 + Free Shipping w/Prime

    2.2lbs TECBEARS PLA 3D Printer Filament (1.75mm, Black) $16.99 + Free Shipping w/Prime Good, bad or ugly I don't know. Read the user comments at the above link for more info.
  6. stratman

    Flu Season Is Coming

    Be prepared!
  7. stratman

    Inside A Maxify Ink Cartridge

    Two short videos. Maxify 2500 Set Up cartridge Maxify 2500XL retail cartridge
  8. stratman

    Pinout for QY6-0054 Print Head

    May be specific for one particular print head or could be road map for multiple print heads. Pretty esoteric for me but could be fun for others.
  9. stratman

    Datacolor SpyderX Elite Color Calibration $170 - Expires 8/8/2020

    This sale expires 8/8/2020. Datacolor SpyderX Elite Color Calibration $170 + free s/h at Significant reduction in price. Is it worth it? The forum...
  10. stratman

    "latest Windows 10 updates come with nasty printer bugs" I DO NOT have the KB4557957 update. I DO HAVE the KB4560960 update. Either update may cause printing problems or other issues. I do NOT have any printing issues, or other issues, discovered as of...
  11. stratman

    3D Printer Nozzle Quality Comparison Do these imperfections matter? If so, at what point do they matter for the printing done by hobbyists?
  12. stratman

    Epson Paper Sale

    Looks like a clearance event. :thumbsup
  13. stratman

    Printer Smarter Than Realized

    I have a Canon Maxify MB5120. Every time you open the paper tray, such as to add paper, the printer wants you to "register" the newly added paper to make sure the paper settings in the printer match the paper you just added. I wondered if I could outsmart the Maxify registration process by...
  14. stratman

    Print A Lamborghini

    Nifty's next project?
  15. stratman

    Bon Appetit, The Hat!

    Company uses 3D printer to create steak
  16. stratman

    Distilled vs Deionized Water

    Every now and then the question of whether to use Distilled or Deionized water pops up. From the following web page, Distilled water seems to be the best choice, though either may be OK depending on the purifying process used. If the purified water is potable then it should be fine whether it...
  17. stratman

    ICC Profiles For Non-Canon Paper

    Canon has a nice page that lists and links to 3rd party non-Canon paper manufacturer's ICC profiles compatible with the Canon Pro-1, Pro-10, Pro-100, Pro 9000 MK II, and Pro 9500 MK II printers. Nothing top secret and all you can find on your own by going to the paper manufacturer's own web...
  18. stratman

    December Deal: Canon Pro-100 $59 After Rebate

    Canon Pixma PRO-100 Photo Printer + 50-Sheets Photo Paper $59 after $250 Rebate + Free S&H Offer ends 12/31/2018
  19. stratman

    What Old Ink Can Do

    Before starting the story, let me say the vendor of the ink is at zero fault. The ink was at least 9 years old and in a capped squeeze bottle for a least 4+ years and maybe double. Also, the images are crap, taken with a Kindle under less than ideal conditions. But, they convey the story...
  20. stratman

    Another Canon PRO-100 + 50-Sheets Photo Paper $60 Deal

    Canon PIXMA PRO-100 Wireless Professional Inkjet Photo Printer for $369.99 - $60 w/ promo code PPEBH18 - $250 Rebate = $59.99. Shipping is free. B&H Photo Video 50-Sheets Canon Pro Luster Photo Paper (13x19") will be automatically added in cart. Rebate valid through 10/31/2018 Limit of 1 per...