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  1. Roy Sletcher

    Free Stuff

    Thought some members may find the linked software useful. It is a script that runs in CS6 and later to place a user defined matt and frame around an image. For most photographers there are multiple uses for something like this. Have uploaded a couple of before and after samples to show the...
  2. Roy Sletcher

    Large prints from your A4 or Lettersize desktop printer

    The link below may be useful for anybody who wants to make large prints using a desktop A4 or lettersize printer. Very clear and simple explanation of how to use the free software. Enjoy if this is for you...
  3. Roy Sletcher

    Read all about it! SCOTUS rules on Cartridge Patent Exhaustion

    Here is a summary of the recent ruling. Will leave it to the pundits to summarise the significance in the market place. If any. rs
  4. Roy Sletcher

    Read all about it! SCOTUS rules on Patent Exhuustion

    Here is a summary of the recent ruling. Will leave it to the pundits to summarise the significance in the market place. rs
  5. Roy Sletcher

    Epson 3880 Refilling - Problem with resetter

    Have been wrestling with this problem for most of the evening. Will try and be uncharacteristically brief, but include all relevant data. have been refilling my 3880 using OEM carts and harvesting OEM inks from larger carts for economy faithfully following the tutorials from JToolman. This has...
  6. Roy Sletcher

    Sometimes you just have to "Play it forward"

    I get a lot if pleasure using my images to print cards - several hundred a year in fact. I is also beneficial for the social niceties when a small inexpensive gift is appropriate. Recipients have often asked for a repeat or even if they could purchase a pack. My contribution to this board and...
  7. Roy Sletcher

    Epson R3000 Question

    A friend at the Camera club I belong to has an Epson R3000 and is experiencing the following problem: Running on a Mac and gets an error message that the platen setting is not the same as the paper selection. This error message prevents the printer from printing. She says this problem...
  8. Roy Sletcher

    How to avoid Epson 3880 going to sleep or swithcing off?

    I am going away for a month or so and want to leave my 3880 to print nozzle checks every week or so using the Qimage Nozzle check pattern. Every thing has worked OK in short term tests of a couple of hours or so. When I extend the time to 12 hours or so my 3880 seems to go to sleep or switch...
  9. Roy Sletcher

    Canon Pro 100 carts - What is the empty gram weight?

    I have a set of purged and flushed carts drying out. They currently weight between 13.8 and 14.2 grams. I have misplaced (Lost) my note listing the empty DRY weight. From memory I seem to recall it us about 13.7 grams or there-about. I was sure I got it from one of the threads on this site...
  10. Roy Sletcher

    Firmware upgrade coming to Canon Pro 1000

    This may be old news. I am at a Photographic Workshop in Western Massachusetts this weekend. Was at a lecture on FINE ART PRINTING this afternoon when the lecturer discussed the Canon Pro 1000 and mentioned the firmware upgrade is imminent to fix the size problem and restore it to a genuine 17...
  11. Roy Sletcher

    Canvas Rolls - A question

    I am thinking of producing a few Art Canvas wraps on my Epson 3880. Before buying the components I need to resolve a few concepts. The canvas is rather expensive, and because at this stage I Am uncertain of sizes and quantities, I am considering purchasing a roll and cutting to the various...
  12. Roy Sletcher

    Epson 3880 after one year. Report and Questions

    My Epson 3880 is NOW 12 months old and coming out of warranty. I purchased it on a closeout deal from a local Epson dealer who was keen to make space for the new and supposedly improved P800 line. If you are interested in the new P800 here is a video showing the features...
  13. Roy Sletcher

    Revisiting Resetter problems for Epson 3880 - And related stuff.

    Have been using my Epson 3880 for some seven months now and am mightily pleased with it. I have been conscientiously following JToolman's videos, especially with regard to printing, refilling original carts, harvesting OEM Epson ink, and a host of related topics. They are excellent - Thanks...
  14. Roy Sletcher

    Riddle me this??

  15. Roy Sletcher

    Settlement in Canon Class Action Lawsuit

    A settlement of a proposed class action lawsuit has been reached with Canon U.S.A., Inc. (“Canon USA”), concerning certain models of Canon-brand inkjet printers which are listed below.
  16. Roy Sletcher

    Third Party CLI-251 and PGI-250 Pigment back vendor sought

    New topic, and here`s a thing I need to find a third party supplier of CLI-251 and PGI-250 Pigment back cartridges for a Canon MG6320 Printer. Going to websites or eBay gives a huge number of suppliers but I have no way of evaluating their quality or reliability. Can anybody suggest a good...
  17. Roy Sletcher

    Is this a worthy deal or not??

    Back after a brief hiatus. Been unbelievably busy for an old fogey. However have been monitoring the Canon forum for my daily fix of printer news. :tongue Now here's a thing! A local regional retailer has the Epson 3880 on sale at C$769 after mail-in rebate. (That's about US$580) I realise...
  18. Roy Sletcher

    Give me an opinion on this nozzle check

    Just printed this nozzle check and get wierdness in cyan. Was OK couple of days ago and looks more serious than a couple of blocked nozzles. Cartridge feed OK - squeeze sides and ink is ejected through nozzle. Is it worth trying to clean the head with windex? -Have done one regular clean and...
  19. Roy Sletcher

    Epson R1900 - info required

    Hi Epson Printers. I am a canon printer user, but have recently been approached by a friend of a friend asking if I want to purchase a used Epson R1900 printer. I am interested, and know enough to verify that it prints a clean nozzle check, and the paper feed works. What else should I be...
  20. Roy Sletcher

    Another of those interminable refill questions - Pro 100

    OK Guys, After flushing and refilling my cartridges I occasionally get a small but well defined spot(s) that seems to have difficulty absorbing ink. The red outline above shows one such spot in my recently cleaned LGY cart. (Don't pay attention to the other streaks, which are light...