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  1. Nifty

    Thingiverse - Solution to broken customizer / OpenScad

    @The Hat will probably appreciate this since he's an expert at openScad ;) The "customizer" feature on a lot of models on thingiverse has been really cool, fun, and helpful to use... but unfortunately is, and has often been broken. I had NO idea that I could download the scad files, and then...
  2. Nifty

    3D Print Christmas lamps

    @The Hat , I saw this video and thought of you! Isn't he using the same modeling software you use?
  3. Nifty

    Autodesk and Kickstarter 3D Printer Torture Test - Calibration

    This is very interesting! Autodesk and Kickstarter teamed up to create this torture test for 3D printers: Info: Github info & files...
  4. Nifty

    Time to GROW-UP - 3D Modeling Software

    I watched this video and I'm now tempted to learn "onshape". Thoughts? I think it's time to grow-up from tinkercad... but to what? OnShape, fusion 360, Solid Works, or something else?
  5. Nifty

    Are 3D Printers Useful?

    I thought this was packed with lots of good info for those that are new to 3D printing and also wondering if anything useful can be done with them:
  6. Nifty

    Well, this is one way to use PLA!

    Pretty interesting video / use of PLA! I don't know how it holds up in the UV. Anything I print with PLA goes crazy brittle in the sun after a bit.
  7. Nifty

    Creality Ender 3 on sale Amazon $183

    Great printer, great price. Free shipping in just a few days in the US!
  8. Nifty

    Printing SUPER fast!

    Hey @The Hat , this is my kind of print speed!! ;)
  9. Nifty

    Cheap Amazon Laser Printer Cartridges / Refills - My Mess Experience

    The cart for my Brother laser printer was throwing an "empty" error. I was thinking I'd refill it, but an Amazon seller had a sale on clone cartridge that had great reviews. I received the cart, plugged it into my printer, and immediately got huge vertical streaks and smudges. Nothing solved...
  10. Nifty

    Ugh, pay better attention when ordering replacement cartridges!

    Back during "Cyber Monday" I got excited when I saw a "lightning deal" for 3 replacement cartridges for my Brother laser printer. I didn't need a new cart yet, but figured I'd take advantage of the sale. I made the purchase and put the carts in my closet waiting to be used. Fast-forward 2...
  11. Nifty

    My Solar Power Journey

    I LOVE solar! In fact, I got this installed on my house 10 years ago: 3.96 kW system (10 years old) consists of: 18 REC 220 W panels 18 TIGO optimizers SMA Sunny Boy SB3000US Inverter Details: 1) How I made the decision to “go solar” and who to install 2) The full story of the installation...
  12. Nifty

    Other Things To Refill - SodaStream Canister With Dry Ice

    My GF is a big fan of drinking soda water. She's been using a soda stream to make fizzy water from home. Definitely a lot cheaper than buying it from the store. The sodastream company partners with a bunch of retail stores to do co2 cartridge exchanges... usually around $15. You can also do it...
  13. Nifty

    Remembering Sumi

    We're very sorry to say that our beautiful friend and amazing soul Sumi passed away 3 pm Irish time. It was peaceful and pain free. She will be sorely missed :(
  14. Nifty

    EcubMaker - 4in1 Multi Tool 3D Printer - Laser Engraver Etc.

    This looks really cool, 4 machines in one! Setup and use seem really pretty easy (relatively)
  15. Nifty

    $80 Dual Extrusion Addon

    This is a pretty cool idea! No purge-block required. It still seems a bit buggy, but I love that there are more and more innovations coming out all the time! (this is definitely a mod that's too far above my wheelhouse / skill-level, especially when it comes to swapping out the board, flashing...
  16. Nifty

    3D Printed Tesla Model 3 Middle-Console Tray / Charge Adapter & Coin Holder

    I bought a Tesla Model 3 last year (I love it) and it came with a charge adapter that connects to the standard non-Tesla public chargers. I wanted to have something to hold the adapter (keep it from rolling around) as well as a spring-loaded coin holder (just quarters and dimes), as well as...
  17. Nifty

    What Are You Currently Printing?

    I've realized there are lots of times where we're printing something and may not want to start a whole thread on/about that item. I also thought it would be fun to have a thread for us all to contribute to so we can see what people are printing... regardless of the type of printer. I know I'll...
  18. Nifty

    New PrinterKnowledge Homepage

    You may have already noticed this change when you typed in, or went to your bookmark for :) Well, we've been working on this new homepage for a while and we're SUPER excited to launch it! What started out as a way to accommodate our awesome POW (Picture Of the Week)...
  19. Nifty

    Creality Ender-3 On Sale - CRAZY PRICE - Walmart

    Ok, this is pretty much too good to pass up! I've never seen prices like this for the Ender-3 series... and including local shipping...
  20. Nifty

    Cool 3D Printer Filament Color Changer

    There are LOTS of different solutions to changing the color of filaments, but this one really is interesting! (first 5 mins of video) ... and more details here: