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    REQ: Looking for Epson Stylus Photo 810 & 830U adjustment software

    Hi Im looking for Epson Stylus Photo 810 & 830U adjustment software Since these modela are old, I cannot find it anywere, please someone if has it PM me ! Many, many thanks ! UPDATE: I have found 830U, so I need for 810, thanks
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    Please Help, Epson 1400 Cannot Recognize Ink Cartridges

    Hi Im owner of Epson photo 1400 inkjet printer for about year. Using CISS all time. Yesterday, suddenly printer refuses to recognize ink cartridges (all of them). Red lamp is lighting for ink. So far I have tried : 1. Tried pressing CISS button several (in ink change process) 2. Tried to turn...
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    Cannot turn on artisan 700 ? no power ?

    Hi Yesterday my artisan 700 has stop working suddenly, just powered off in the middle of printing proces. I cannot turn it on, no power at all, tried to hold power button, nothing :(. So I disassembled it, my suspect was the power supply has gone bad. When I hold "on" button, Im hearing strange...
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    Epson P50 ARC chips for CISS, new model ?

    Hi Does anybody know is there any new model of ARC chips that are fully compatible with P50/T50 model, by fully I mean that I dont need to reset it every time when one of ink has run out (need to press reset button). I have Epson R265 with CISS, when ink runs out it automaticly reset it on full...
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    refill ink plugs - where to buy

    Hi Where can i buy refill ink plugs like this one (or simillar) Im from Croatia, so preffered buying and paying by Paypal, sending by postage. Many thanks:)