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  1. maximilian59

    Epson bottled Ecotank pigment inks

    Hello Stephen, go for the Hahnemühle matte sample packs. I printed on most of them wit a Pro-100 and all are really astonishing. Even as all inks are dye inks. As there are two sheets of each sample you can try with the matte medium and and a glossy medium. I would recommend premium glossy with...
  2. maximilian59

    Looking at the P700

    There might be two reasons for the borderless limitations. 1. A very high ink load may lead to curved papers. I had this also on my Pro-1000 even with the vacuum system, leading to head strikes. Even Epson printheads don't like this. Afterwords people complain about a bad printer. Yes I know...
  3. maximilian59

    Looking at the P700

    Does anybody know how the Dmax is calculated by x-rite, or is this another of the thousand secrets of this sorftware? Is it to absolute whit? How can it than be calculated with a known paper white?
  4. maximilian59

    WF-7620 paper jam message without paper jam

    I got a WF-7620 to check. It does the nozzle check with some bad nozzles at black, printing with quality set to Standard on plain paper. But if I choose a different paper or higher quality setting, the problem starts. The paper is feeded just over the sensor and is visible just after the rolls...
  5. maximilian59

    How do you print the Argyll target on macOS 10.15 Catalina?

    Never ever print targets with Photoshop, unless you have CS2. It is not possible in an easy way. Also you chosed relativ colorimetric. This alters colors. Use instead ACPU Adobe Color Printer Utility. That is the most secure and easy way.
  6. maximilian59

    How to Schedule a nozzle check/test print in OSX.

    Have a look at Inkjet Plumber!
  7. maximilian59

    Newer Epson chips

    These work with my printer:
  8. maximilian59

    A Tiger on the Air

    Is this the private jet from Tom Jones, the tiger?
  9. maximilian59

    Canon pro 100 paper feed problem

    You see the white part in the mid below the roller? This one is spring loaded. I couldn’t find any place, where this spring can be located. But I don’t know how to get access to this place. Good luck.
  10. maximilian59

    Can I use T6641 ink instead of T7741

    Maybe you can get the T512/T105 inks, which are for the ET-77xx printers. This is also a pigmented ink. But I can't tell, whether it will do any harm to your printer.
  11. maximilian59

    Advice for buying home printer

    If I were you, I would go for a printer from the Epson Expression Premium series. Look what refill cartridges you can get (I have some for the XP-7100, 33XL). Then buy the inks 105/106 for the ET-77xx series. Use Epson Premium Semigloss 251 g/m2 and you are fine. After four weeks now on east...
  12. maximilian59

    Recommended printers

    Look for the Epson P600? There are also opportunities for refilling, if needed.
  13. maximilian59

    Your favorite paper thickness?

    I now compared all Canon glossy papers, the Epson RC glossy papers, all baryta papers of the Hahnemühle sample packs, the Photolux papers, Suhl Masterclass glossy papers, the Tecco baryta papers and some others with the HP paper and none of them comes that special look near. The question was...
  14. maximilian59

    Your favorite paper thickness?

    This paper has OBAs as stetted in the data sheet. There are other papers with with this high L* too without OBAs. Have a look at the database of spectrumviz. The HP paper I mentioned is more or less OBA free. For albums it is much better suited than baryta paper, which have a very sensitive...
  15. maximilian59

    Refill oem carts Epson 277xl for the XP-970

    Have a look here: here in Germany we have the 24 series carts for these six ink printers.
  16. maximilian59

    Your favorite paper thickness?

    Cibachrome: Then you really have to try the HP paper. The baryta papers give a impression for the black and white prints, but don't reach the look of papers from a dry press. Nothing is as glossy as that in my eyes, when I look at my more than 40 years old prints.
  17. maximilian59

    Your favorite paper thickness?

    Depends a lot, which era you mean. The end of the analog time, when there where already cheap prints available. The older ones have a very different look and feel. The only paper I found coming next to them is HP Premium Photo Paper Glossy 300 g/m2. Try a small package and have a look. You will...
  18. maximilian59

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    Maybe this bush is anxious because of the boxwood borer?
  19. maximilian59

    Your favorite paper thickness?

    For prints in an album you can take thinner paper. As an advantage the album will not get to thick. For framed prints the thicker paper is better, the larger the print. But with good papers and prints fixed behind Passepartout there should no problems with all of these papers. All depends on the...
  20. maximilian59

    CANON PRO !))

    Did you already check the Canon site for a new driver? At least here in Germany there is one for Catalina. Whether it works for you I can’t tell, because I am still on Mojave.