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  1. stratman

    Looking at the P700

    Researching borderless printing and potential limitations for the Epson P600 is proving a bit more difficult than it should be. So far I have found a couple comments in the user guide that allude to limitations either overtly or covertly. And
  2. stratman

    Recently purchased a Canon MB2720

    The direct comparison for the North American region cartridges: The PGI-2200 series cartridges have the following fills: PGI-2200 Black - 29.1 ml CYM - 9.6 ml PGI-2200 XL Black - 70.9 ml CYM - 19.3 ml
  3. stratman

    Canon MG8220 Not Printing in Color

    Good job getting the printer to function near normal. :thumbsup From the looks of it, If there was a purge system issue then there isn't one anymore. The missing nozzles of the Pigment Black ink lattice nozzle check are either clogs or burned out nozzles. You've been able to get ink...
  4. stratman

    Recently purchased a Canon MB2720

    Steve - links appear to be working. Thank you. :thumbsup
  5. stratman

    Recently purchased a Canon MB2720

    @seseeley and @The Hat Clicking on all of seseeley's links in post #7 redirects to an address "" and gives an error.
  6. stratman

    Flu Season Is Coming

    Who deleted what??? I did not post anything with elbows! :idunno
  7. stratman

    Flu Season Is Coming

    Maybe randy was inoculated more than once? I might do it as well. Just to be on the safe side. ;):gig
  8. stratman

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    Aren't those the Three Horseketeers - Athos, Porthos, and Aramis?
  9. stratman

    Canon TS 707 get error 5B00

    Your printer must be able to enter Service Mode before a Service Tool can work. Entering Service Mode is done by pressing buttons on the printer in a specific order. I do not know the sequence for your printer and did not see it in my quick Google search. If you are able to enter Service...
  10. stratman

    Apartment Bee..

    Just like convincing Mrs. The Hat with your charm to marry you, I think you need to lure a queen bee to your bee hotel for others to join her. :love
  11. stratman

    Out With the Old Hotbed...

    Do you need to prepare the surface or coat it with something before printing?
  12. stratman

    TR8620 phones home????

    I did not know this. I listened to a talk by a medical informatics person today about how social media is already being used by certain medical systems and groups to forecast where certain medical needs may be needed. This is used to note areas where there may be high risk for transmissible...
  13. stratman

    TR8620 phones home????

    Yes, either when you agreed to install the software - see EULA? - or answering yes during the installation to a question(s) that provide the printer access to a port for outgoing and incoming internet data. Even if careful to answer no to anything potentially allowing internet access during the...
  14. stratman

    TR8620 phones home????

    Editing a HOSTS file on Windows 10: I have no idea the quality or function of these, but, here's a couple of HOSTS file editors:
  15. stratman

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to the forum, UtenteMac. Hope your questions get answered and you are back to happy printing soon! PS Your English seems very good. :thumbsup
  16. stratman

    Flu Season Is Coming

    How about one with both alcohol and opium. Adults get a whole "dessert spoonful". 🤗
  17. stratman

    Canon mx432 printing issues

    Welcome to the forum, bex89. The images you provided and the story you tell paint a good picture of your issues. Fortunately, you are in luck. Your printer uses only two cartridges and those cartridges have the print heads built right into them. All you need to do is buy two new cartridges...
  18. stratman

    Malwarebytes blocking site

    I was able to download the service tool after you posted to "try it now". Yes, this file is flagged by both my installed Norton 360 and Malwarebytes free scan of the file saved on my hard drive. May be a false positive but Malwarebytes obviously relies on a blacklist list to give such a fast...
  19. stratman

    Malwarebytes blocking site

    First, our Union Jack friend websnail is on it with a query on the Malwarebyte forum. :thumbsup Second, websnail either has the worst luck for falling into error holes or he is great at finding them...
  20. stratman

    Malwarebytes blocking site

    @PeterBJ: I wonder if the same warning occurs if you use a different internet browser such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, etc?