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  1. apetitphoto

    “Purge sheets”

    How much is too much? After spending a couple days, many cartridge swaps between refillable and OEM, many printer purge cycles, ..., I’ve moved to manually (at this point) printing a “purge sheet” every other day. Is this too much for my Epsons or am I In the world of “if it works don’t knock it?”
  2. apetitphoto

    C, M, Y, and sometimes K, and others

    In there were a series of comments that play along with my belief that printers may be more about the base CMY colors than all the other colors they are marketed for having. Am I personally misguided?
  3. apetitphoto


    how often, if ever, does a printer need to have profiles done? Assuming ink formulations, paper formulations, don't change.
  4. apetitphoto

    WF-7110 or ?

    I now understand how printer stables get built... I've been considering a photo printer and looking at the P600, P400, and P800. I couldn't see the, for me, difference between 800 and 600 (yes, larger paper size, bigger this and that, but really one consumed steroids and the other didn't). The...
  5. apetitphoto

    Yet another ink durability test

    im not sure if this is the right spot, but I'm doing my own ink fading test. Here are the parameters: Epson 3620 Precision colors PCDB ink Epson brochure and flyer paper matte Profile created with Colormunki pro Prints placed in folder (book), kitchen -non framed, in the open air, facing...
  6. apetitphoto

    Profiling excursion

    I rented a Colormunki pro to see if it could help with my setup. Which is: - Epson WF-3620 - Precision Colors DuraBrite inks - Red River papers Overall: Yes, it worked well (for my eyes). Even with OEM inks it seemed to print a bit on the cyan side. With Red River profiles and PC inks it...
  7. apetitphoto

    Paper adds color cast?

    I have some old, very old, HP premium paper that I've been playing with. I remember, perhaps poorly, that images printed with a now dead and gone HP printer (probably dye inks) looked fine. Using it with an Epson workforce (pigment ink) produce blue (cyan?) casts on the image. Is this likely...
  8. apetitphoto

    Missing segments in nozzle check

    Besides "none," how many segments can be missing in a nozzle check? My WF-3620 has one segment missing on the black channel. This is after switching to PC inks & cartridges and several nozzle checks and 4 or 5 head cleanings over a few hours. Thanks
  9. apetitphoto


    I'm a photographer thinking about adding value for customers by doing my own printing and found this place, through @jtoolman's videos, as a good source of nowledge as I wander into the world of print making. Who knows what I'll learn...