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  1. Slagathor

    Microsoft’s "Accidentally" Releases Windows 10 Internal Build 16212

    Microsoft’s Accidentally Releases Windows 10 Internal Build 16212 Which Crashes PCs and Laptops, Here’s What You Should Do Right Away
  2. Slagathor

    Ok, so I built a new PC

    These new AMD Ryzen CPU's are monsters.....heh So, anywho, I installed Windblows 1:( fresh, and forgot to save my ICC's for the canon papers I have from PC, so I go to snag them, and I am not seeing them, I hit the PC72V2 Inkset, and all I see if the Red River.... I know there somewhere.....:cool:
  3. Slagathor

    Somebody buy these before I do....

    Lot of 20 Genuine Canon PGI-72 Empty Virgin OEM Ink Cartridges with Caps
  4. Slagathor

    Nothing to see here

    Nothing to see here, move along...0.o
  5. Slagathor

    Canon inks and paper deal

    Nice deal on paper, order some ink and get a crap load of paper... Receive 7 FREE Gifts when you spend $40 or more on select Ink and Combo Value Packs Receive 4 FREE Gifts when you buy any 2 select Professional Ink Tanks I got 2 CO and 2 Grey carts and got the following: 5x7 Photo plus semi...
  6. Slagathor

    A few extra PGI-72's I am willing to part with [GONE]

    I have 3 full sets, I would be willing to share from my surplus, flushed but not reset... Just pay shipping from 54452... 3-PBK 2-Y 2-C 5-CO 2-PM 4-GY 1-M 2-PC
  7. Slagathor

    DPI and PPI Canon PSP and Adobe LR

    In LR, when I hit print, the print resolution is always 350 ppi, (I might have selected that once and never changed it) if I have it open PSP, it reports the image as having 240 DPI. There not really the same and I am just curious, is the 240 DPI the "same" as 350 ppi?? Like a conversion from...
  8. Slagathor

    Second print on the Pro 10 and this happens

    So, wifey took a family pic at Easter, she decided I should give it a whirl, so it's going good till my son-in-law looks like it's ash Wednesday, cept it's blue.... There is also 4 other blue drips on the print... I used the Print Studio Pro plug-in threw Lightroom, Print Quality was Custom...
  9. Slagathor

    New printer purchase

    We just got a new contract where I work, they eliminated some things so there "giving" us a buy out, a pretty large buy out, so I been contemplating either a Pro 100 or a Pro 10, I am leaning towards a Pro 10, 450 clams after rebate, buy a second or third set of OEM inks then refill like I do...
  10. Slagathor

    My sister-in-laws MX420

    I refilled her cartridges and I was reading the instructions on PC's site and they mention a bit of software that will reset the ink levels and not just disable the reporting. But the link is dead and I can't find it, anyone know of anything or am I completely misreading the instructions...
  11. Slagathor

    Another question, this time about ink

    A looong time ago, I had a Epson Workforce 1100, who I eventually filled full of 00 buck, long story...heh But, my sister in law has a Canon printer that uses the 211 and 210 cartridges, according to Precision they use dye ink, I was going threw my junk drawer (my desk actually) and I found the...
  12. Slagathor

    My search skills suck royally

    And I was going to weigh the full OEM carts with clip so I know exactly how much ink to put into them. Well, I been searching and searching to see if I can find the weight, I would feel more comfortable doing that as I flushed them all and there squeaky clean now. What I would like to know is...
  13. Slagathor

    Canon MG5320 I fear I may have fubared my printhead

    Printer Canon MG5320, just over 3 years old, do a lot of printing on regular paper, pics once in a while. Currently using CISS from (purchased Jan. this year) before that was using refillable from same place since purchase of printer, well after the canon ink ran out... Yesterday...