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    MP610 vs 620 vs 640

    For all the reasons you mentioned - bigger cart, etc, I would recommend that you keep the 610, unless you need the wireless feature, and the fax, which the MP610 does not have. Online reviews are pretty well united in opinion that the printers which use the PGI-5 and cli-8s are quieter...
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    Can you use carts from one printer in another, same mode- canon ip4200

    If the carts work in your first ip4200 but not in the 2nd, then there is something wrong with the 2nd ip4200. What does it show? All carts are empty?? None are recognized?
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    Canon IP 4500 removal of printhead and cartridges

    If you have not opened the print head and cartridges that came with your MP610, you may indeed put them away for storage and use them later. Just remove the used cartridges and printhead from the ip4500, insert them in the mp610, and you are good to go! Congrats on finding a new 610 at this...
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    What's happening to my PG-40 cart? (Warning, un-resized pictures)

    I'd like to know the logic behind this approach, if anyone can explain it to me. I decided to try Dougsewell's method on a particularly stubborn printhead. It did not make a difference after several efforts. I've got an ip3300 printer from a customer, and can not make this printhead...
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    MP830 Photo Black

    I wouldn't put Vaseline on a rubber washer. Oil-based products will deteriorate rubber, sometimes quickly - sometimes over time. Try something else that is NOT oil-based.
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    Seeking a "cheat sheet" list of economical color printers

    If you get a new ip4000 for $40.00 - You have got yourself the most incredible bargain ever. Do it quickly!!!! Hop in the car immediately!! We're jealous.....Post what happens here.....
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    Full disclosure of printer addiction + discussion on next steps

    Why not do what I do occasionally. Find a good charity or cause that you really support - one which does some good for our planet and donate it to them. You will keep your printers from going to the trash heap, and your efforts will be appreciated. Recycling is good!! Unless you really need...
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    Canon in trouble,and are raising prices - 2009 2nd quarter report

    I have noticed that when buying Canon cartridges lately from my wholesaler, the cost has gone up by 25%-40% in Canada. This has been reflected even in the big chain stores, where Canon cartridges are much more expensive than last year. NO wonder..they are losing money AND profits. Is it the...
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    What's happening to my PG-40 cart? (Warning, un-resized pictures)

    What happens when you use a different PG-40 cartridge?? Same problem...or problem solved???
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    Seeking a "cheat sheet" list of economical color printers

    I hate to confuse you even more, but there have been on eBay recently several offers of used older Canon models i560, i550, and i850. These came before the Pixma 3000/4000/5000 series and are excellent printers as well, which also use the very inexpensive unchipped BCI-3 and BCI-6 series...
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    Need advice to refill Canon MP610

    Do not give up!! Once you get into this, you will see that it is fun to do after the learning curve. And think of the $$$ you will save. if you do run into problems, there is help here....
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    Cannon i9950 - waste ink absorber full - reset instructions don't fix

    I have an i9900, which I believe is the North American version of your i9950. I reset the waste level with these instructions I found here a couple of years ago...I hope it works for you. Best of luck!! ________________________________________________________________________________________...
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    Need advice to refill Canon MP610

    Welcome to this board. You might want to post the problems you've been having with your 2 older 610s. Some wise people here may be able to help you get those ones working again, plus your older printheads might be salvageable. As far as refilling goes,, it is a relatively simple procedure with...
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    FASTER cd/dvd printer than the IP4500 that can also be refilled.

    Not sure what is the problem here, unless you do more that 50-60 per hour. If you do that kind of volume on a consistent basis, why not just get an Epson with a CIS system. There are knowledgeable people here who could help you with this..I have NO expertise on these systems, but many people...
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    Compatibility of different Canon ink carts

    Perhaps a local store will exchange it for you. Take the CL-41 to the shop where you purchased your new printer. Surely they will give you a refund or exchange.
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    Hi there i tried refilling a lexmark 36 even thoe its full the printer

    Some Lexmark models will allow you to manually reset your ink levels. This is done under the maintenance tab when you can tell your printer that you have installed a new cartridge. If your model allows this, you are in luck. Other Lexmark models will NOT let you do this, but they remember the...
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    Canon i9950 problem

    No....the life expectancy is much longer. I have done several thousand prints of all sizes with this printer over the last 5 years, and it prints as well now as it ever has, although I do get some markings on the bottom of the prints at times. It would be best if you could find and test another...
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    i9900/pro9000 print head mysterious clogging

    Not being the handiest of guys, I hesitate to take it apart. If anyone knows where to find clear directions, Please inform me. I'd pay for a repair manual, if anyone has one.
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    i9900/pro9000 print head mysterious clogging

    Well, I have a similar problem with a friend's ip5300. The Windex stays pooled on the black section of the purge unit. After a number of cleanings, the Windex on the unit has NOT gone down into the purge unit but stays pooled on the top. After 2 days of this, I can not see at all with a...
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    Canon ink cartridges

    Excellent idea, yupkime, but only if done in a separate section or companion forum. I'd love to see a response from the moderators about this. Good to see another British Columbian here.