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    A Long and Slow Upgrade for my Ender-3 Printer..

    Sorry about that. But it HAS apparently been done.
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    A Long and Slow Upgrade for my Ender-3 Printer..

    Hi, There ae several third party upgrade mainboards available for the Ender3. No need to give up on it. The boards are preconfigured, pretty much plug and pray. Some even promise improved print quality (faster 32 bit cpu doesn't fall behind in issueing commands to the steppers and heaters).
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    Shadows printing - Anet A2

    Sorry to disagree, but the printer firmware handles a significant workload. It has to calculate nozzle and extruder (filament) motion in real time. It also has to compute geometry (hardware) dependent motion optimizations that cannot be done by the slicer.
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    Shadows printing - Anet A2

    I've had some experience with too-long screws with t-bolt nuts. I use 2 or so 1mm thick washers under the screw head. Avoids looking for oddball screw lengths. If initially tightened screws wiggle loose, use Lock-tite or equivalent on them. Keep it off of plastic parts as it will ruin the finish.
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    Shadows printing - Anet A2

    My guess is that the nozzle is scraping against the part while moving between extrusions. I'd suggest imcreasing the nozzle height slightly in the slicer but thet may require additional tuning to get everything right.
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    Parts of print won't stick to bed first layer

    Just a guess, but I suspect part shrinkage. Increase bed temp?
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    Epson WF-7620 - Head Cleaning Gone Wrong

    Wait as much as a day between cleanings. Patience pays;hourly cleanings only waste ink.Diffusion of solvents into dried ink is a slow process.
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    Epson 1390 & L series problem

    I went through a similar exercise a long time ago. I dom't remember my choices. Mechanical properties are important for peristaltic pump tubing. I suggest that you start here:
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    What is "draining too fast"?

    @kdsdata, how did you re-prime the sponges when you first refilled the cleaned carts? Sponges can be as hard to refill with ink as they are to clean or dry And yes, a sponge full of air bubbles can account for your problem.
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    Pixma Pro-1

    Terribly wasteful? Probably not under the circumstances. Inkjet ink ink tends to set up in the nozzles if left for too long and attempting to print using partially set ink will simply cook the nozzles. Flushing the nozzles after a prolonged idle period is just good sense. Now if the printer is...
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    New, expired OEM cartridge that won't drain

    Capt. Obvious here. Be certain that when you removed the wrapper from the cart, the vent seal at the top of the cart opened up and is breathing freely. Good luck getting that sucker clean. Consider tossing it in favor of transparent refillable carts. Another crap shoot, I guess ...
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    Prints outdoors - laminate or not using pigment or dye?

    Sorry, but most of the test results for laminates (and protective coatings as well) wrt UV and gas (ozone/oxygen) resistance have meen negative. Some do work, but most don't. Same for pigment inks, for that matter. Some are excellent, many are ok, and some are simply awful. So simply choosing an...
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    Opening a T511 cart

    Well, we shouldn't be so arrogant as to dismiss the OP as less than completely capable. I might assume instead that he has investigated this topic in some detail already. If otherwise, well it's a learning experience. If these are anything like the ones I know how to drain, it's done with a...
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    Canon iPF 610 Help

    Hello and welcome. I'll take a stab at this but be forewarned that there's a lot of guesswork involved. The so called black ink that is contaminating your printhead is probably waste ink backed up from the purge unit and maintenance cart. Renew or replace the maintenance cart if full. Clean and...
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    L1800 - ecosolvent - new printhead???

    There is a lesson here. Always clean and check the purge unit (routinely or in the case of a clog). If a purge doesn't remove the cleaning fluid from the purge pads, don't expect it to be pulling ink from a printhead.
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    Grey lady Down...

    Sorry to hear about your mainboard. Sounds like your extruder's stepper driver burned out. Was the printer doing lots of retractions? That can do it. You might want to check your mainboard cooling. Sometimes the airflow across the board is blocked by the way wires are routed. You might also...
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    More Up-grades to my CR-10...

    Hi, Use Kapton tape instead. It won't melt and add to the fireworks. The solder joints on my bed heater are simply awful in appearance but they do at least appear to work, at least for now ...
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    Cross Brace Up-Grade...

    No, the need is to eliminate the motion. (It shows up as defects in the print, just as slop in the positioning of a 2d print head would.) The Prusa I3 and its clones all suffer from this particular weakness to some extent. It is at its worst when printing tall objects. The triangular braces are...
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    UK - Filament sources

    When filament absorbs water, it expands in thickness and weakens, causing problems in the extruder and hot-end. Dry the filament or replace it, and store it over dessicant. You'll like the result. Do you use the hot-pull/cold-pull method of unclogging the hotend? It appears to be relative...
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    Colour calibration help please.

    Trying to fix your problem with profiling is likely to end in frustration. You shouldn't need to profile to get close results between the two very similar printers. I would suspect an ink starvation problem, likely caused by partially clogged dampers. Your color variations may vary with the rate...