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  1. Davidgstoy

    Pixma Pro 100 needs new print head

    My Pro 100 needs a new print head. Any suggestions on where to get one?
  2. Davidgstoy

    How to clean a dirty roller on Pixma Pro 100

    I've got something stuck to my rollers on my Pro 100. I get tiny dots of ink, evenly spaced, the length of the paper from top to bottom. The dots are in the same place, regardless of whatever size paper I'm using. Whatever is stuck is 2.76 in. from the center of the page on the right side. I've...
  3. Davidgstoy

    Strange dots on prints

    I am in the process of switching over to PC inks but I'm having a tough time. I had a leak in my Magenta cartridge and my Pixma Pro 100 wouldn't recognize my cartridges. I had to open the lid and center my carts them turn off the printer to clean it. I removed all inks and wiped the print head...