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    TR8620 phones home????

    Actually, no, not fakebook, not twitter. Largely a waste of time,,YMMV As to big brother, well look what's happening to Assange,,, shamefull
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    TR8620 phones home????

    My oh my,, I didn't click any EULA, I don't/won't use windows, things like this are why
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    TR8620 phones home????

    >Canon checks the status of the printer, which must be connected via USB. And, i assume, turned on. Windows registry surely doesn't have a field for cartridge? Again, are you saying that the printer driver has permissions to access network??
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    TR8620 phones home????

    Err, if it is connected by usb, how can it possibly "phone home" unless you do something?
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    Macbook pro doesn't connect to IPF6400

    You do know that Apple uses CUPS? (except ipads,iphone, use airprint) If you want to know MORE of what is happening..... For web interface (run in terminal,, one time only) sudo cupsctl WebInterface=yes Close terminal webrowser,,.....localhost:631 (colon, not semi-colon) click printer, try to...
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    "Stopped - Filter Failed" Error

    Trouble shooting,, trouble shooting To really see what is going on, try to print a plain text, a heavily formated text, a jpg, a png, a pdf What works, what doesn't I get the impression that most of the troubles are printing pdfs, Filter is gv, ghostview, ghostscript anyway, it all goes thru...
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    "Stopped - Filter Failed" Error

    You understand that mac uses CUPS (and now is lead) -common unix printing system? The web interface (at least on linux) is localhost:631. Or, if that doesn't work,, (in browser) ppd's are stored in /etc/cups/ppd/ ,, about 15 lines down it will specify a filter This is usually a...
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    Brother head change

    In the manual, after you change head, there are a number of adjustments. Most of these require printing a specified file, either to the maintanence driver or from a media card. Specifically,, head_calib.prn,, pfadj.prn,, exitadj.prn,, LF300adj.prn,, mediaadj_[disk_]media11.prn(either will...
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    Clogged Brother printhead

    I have some experience with this. Brother are damn good printers, but the feed path, from bottom tray and 180 make them not so good for thick paper. Many mfc, if you lift lid and press/hold stop/exit will move head to center. So you can fold paper towel and place under head for the next step...