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    Canon TR7020a....

    My Canon TR7020a Printer , I've only had a short while.. It's a WiFi connection .. It's 50 / 50 The Laptop finding the Printer.. (1) Should I use a USB Cord to stay Connected (2) Why I don't know but it seems when I purchase something online from Marks Work Warehouse I can't Print Off the...
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    Canon TR7020a / Where Is It ??

    I just purchased a Canon TR7020a Printer, followed the Setup Instructions and got confirmation through Test Pages that I followed the Setup Successfully.. And I printed off a couple emails successfully as well.. Now a few days later it's Either Laptop can't find Printer or visa versa.. Attempt...
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    Looking for a Recommendation.. Printer for Home use ??

    I've had a Wireless Canon MX 452 Printer for sometime now and from what I'm reading for what has been happening to my Printer presently , it has outlived it's usefulness ?? That being said I'm looking for a Replacement Printer and as I said it's for Home Use.. Any Recommendations out there Please..
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    Epson WF 3720... Ink Cartridges

    I presently have a Canon MX 452 it uses 2 Cartridges (1Black 1 Color) .. Curious as I'm having problems with the Canon Printer my Son loaned me his Epson WF 3720 to try out see if it's a Printer Problem ?? The Epson has 4 Ink Cartridges (1 Black 3 Color tones) The Epson Printer hasn't been...
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    Canon MX 452 / HP Laptop

    Don't know why but when following the prompt and press Print on my Laptop the Signal to the Printer is lost and Page doesn't Print.. Had this problem quit sometime ago but have forgotten How to set printer up to find Laptop ??
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    Canon MX452....

    Didn't have this problem before but trying to print a page emailed to me from a PDF file ?? How can I Overcome this Hiccup ??
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    HP Laptop Can't Find Canon MX452 Printer ??

    As the Title of this Post says, My HP Laptop can't find my Canon Printer ?? I've Unplugged / Re Plugged my Wireless Modem, Printer, Laptop. Checked to see if Printer was Connected to the Modem with the correct Info and all was good.. Printer works fine Scanning & Printing @ The Printer.. Wanted...