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    Anyone here know anything about digital cameras?

    I'm planning to buy one, but the funny thing I discovered is this: Digital cameras take awesome pictures, but passable video --- but the video can be hours and hours long. Video cameras (the ones with a disc) can take awesome videos, but the stills are very low quality --- but the video...
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    Still alive... still expecting... still scared stiff :)

    First baby? Congratulations (for the new addition to the family) and good luck (for all those sleepless nights)! Glad to see you're still well and tired :D
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    Canon Pixma printers going begging

    Will you be willing to ship to the Philippines? How much will that shipping cost? Just give me a working printhead and I'll be happy.
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    Help with choosing Inkjet Printer

    I do have an MP 198 (the newest member of the 190 series), and I must say that while I am NOT happy with the ink carts it is using (mostly because of the small carts and having to refill often --- I print out books and magazines and bind them so I need a heavy-duty printer and the 198 isn't it)...
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    What ink would you swear by?

    Inktec is a cheaper alternative? Can you point me to the sellers of Inktec and Hobbicolors? I know I can google it, but I prefer that I land on the same page as you guys.
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    What ink would you swear by?

    Since I'm planning to get me a new printer, I was wondering what are the best ink options out there. I guess it's time to step up to the plate and stop buying local, "universal" inks. Since the new printer will be coming with a 5-tank hybrid system (2 black tanks, 1 for dye, 1 for pigment)...
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    iP3680 vs. iP4680

    Like I said, speed and ppm aren't really important for me; a couple of pages-per-minute difference is fine. It's not like one can print 10ppm and the other 1ppm. So again, what does the 4680 have for it that would justify it over a 3680? Again, auto-duplex print is not a big deal for me, I've...
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    iP3680 vs. iP4680

    I'm fed up with my MP198. Yes, and it's been just a few months after I bought it. I'm glad for its awesome scanner, but the printer functions are my priority and after my 3300, I know that this just doesn't make the grade. Now my dealer has 3680s and 4680s on stock, and they don't sell any of...
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    What's happening to my PG-40 cart? (Warning, un-resized pictures)

    Aside from the two missing bars on the top of the nozzle check, what other nozzles are clogged?
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    What's happening to my PG-40 cart? (Warning, un-resized pictures)

    Unfortunately, I don't have spare carts on hand to try out. This tanks has been refilled, oh, about 6 times so far, so it should be far from going out. And the clog isn't my problem, it's the alignment. Oh how I miss my 3300.
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    What's happening to my PG-40 cart? (Warning, un-resized pictures)

    I have a MP-198 printer with PG-40/CL-41 carts. I like to do printhead alignment after every-other refill, and I noticed that things are getting out-of-whack again. I'm concerned, could this be another "electrical problem" that plagued my iP3300? Here are the pics: 1. Page 1 - notice on the...
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    Stupid Refill Problem

    Hmmm... that bottom puller again. What happens if I suck all the ink out of the printhead? Won't that damage it in any way? I know you can suck ink back into it via the bottom puller, but I'm thinking more along the lines of ink not flowing into a few nozzles, thereby "ruining" the printhead.
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    Stupid Refill Problem

    No, just used it on a PG-40 cart. Is there any way to unclog the cart? Or should I just throw it away?
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    Stupid Refill Problem

    If so, how do I fix it?
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    Stupid Refill Problem

    I have 2 PG-40 carts that I tried refilling with a new set of black inks that my supplier had in stock. Both clogged up soon after refilling; I figure that as soon as the new ink made its way into the printhead, things got nasty. Now, no amount of cleaning/deep cleaning/soaking head on wet...
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    MP198 resetter?

    There was an iPTool for my old printer that resets the EEPROM or something so that every time I insert a new cart, it shows it as new, as well as get rid of the waste tank full message. Does anyone know of a program like this for the MP198 printer? I did a google search and all I can find...
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    Any idea where to buy an Original Canon printhead?

    I'm being given the runaround. I want to buy a Canon 3300 printhead and the only way to do this seems to be to send my printer to the service center, have some dweeb look it over, THEN tell me I need a new printhead. I can't buy it from the dealer, I can't buy it from the service center unless...
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    Refilling PG-830/CL-831 carts

    Just tried taking the sponge out, washing it, drying it, then putting it back onto the cart with a fresh set of ink... still no good. It IS printing a lot more now, but I estimate about 55% of the nozzles aren't firing just yet. Any suggestions on how to pull out the ink?