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  1. mikling

    Epson EcoTank ET-8550: Pigment instead of Dye inks
  2. mikling

    Epson SC-P600 Inconsistent Nozzle Checks, Missing Channels, Why, and the Repair

    Sometimes the initial cause is really simple when these initial issues start appearing. Is there a buildup of pigment ink on the left side of the carriage? If the P600 or 3000 exceeds three years of use. This buildup will end up manifesting itself in strange situations in inconsistent nozzle...
  3. mikling

    How to store Swellable Paper

    Even with proper reconditoning, if that model printer bias is to use more of the light colors, the ink limits will still be exceeded. If you print a majority of light shades you can possibly get away with it but sometimes you need to accept that some printer ink paper combinations are simply not...
  4. mikling

    Fading of patch sheets in the dark

    Here's the thing. In the real world pigment inks even aftermarket ones far outperform dye inks even OEM. That indicates that for many situations the test performed by the above outfit leaves a lot of real world issues out. I can point out a flaw in the process that parallels a flaw NASA made and...
  5. mikling

    Fading of patch sheets in the dark

    I will add furthermore that the gas test is done with just three attack gases. One cannot determine what other gases might be lurking in the environment that could potentially be more serious to fade. Users should note that even within the same neighborhood, there are significant differences...
  6. mikling

    Fading of patch sheets in the dark

    2019 saw the release of the SE edition for the Pro-100 inkset. This video predates that release. Here with SE was the introduction of as fade free inks as possible in the grays in the aftermarket and the cost of this exceeds normal aftermarket ink. The PC42SE inkset was nearly aborted given the...
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    HP Premium Plus paper and L18050

    It should have been pretty obvious the user was using a swellable paper early the time he mentioned swelling and raised areas. BANG. The aspect that when standard printing is done is gets worse is also another gong that was rung. To the user. Swellable papers are very nice papers when...
  8. mikling

    How to disable remaining ink detection on canon pro-1000

    Hat is incorrect and the person enquiring is in fact pretty close to the correct answer. The logic sequence on the Pro-100, Pro-10 and Pro-1000 are all different because each has its own methods or lack of methods of detecting ink level. The 1000 has more potential states so it has to use more...
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    Chip Resetter for Canon ImagePROGRAF 1000

    P.S. that is nasty comment and it is so immature. Comments like this should be removed by the moderator but wait! you are the moderator! A fine display of where the sensibility of this place is headed, Should people point out your errors made in the past and even currently. Have you owned such...
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    Pixma IP4300 Ink Carriage Stuck On the Right and Does Not Move When Lid is Opened

    When people solve B200 errors by mechanically doing something, the B200 was not really eletronic in nature but a faulty contact. Faulty contacts can look like a faulty electronic component. You cannot tell without reseating contacts or cleaning contacts. If after performing the steps to reseat...
  11. mikling

    Epson 3880 - Will be the death of me!!
  12. mikling

    Epson 3880 - Will be the death of me!!

    Even when running the old and hardy R2100/2200 converted to DTF printers , replacinng printheads was routine for service people from the DTF industry. Seeing what I saw when visiting DTF printer service centers I would never go near that myself, you need to keep that machine running all the...
  13. mikling

    PRO-1000 - access print head when printer is blocked by B204

    I have experienced this. #1. A good experienced Canon tech should have been able to remove the printhead within 45 mins. Provided they have had esome experience on this machine. I was charged an hour of service to remove this in Toronto is in ..
  14. mikling

    Experiment: pigment ink in Epson XP-15000 dye ink printer

    My point is that the XP15000 is formulated to run intense Magenta and Yellow and dare I mention intense Red as well. You can see the effects on the prints after profiling. The Epson scheme on the print engine is close to what Canon used on the Pro-10. I just mentioned that messing around trying...
  15. mikling

    Experiment: pigment ink in Epson XP-15000 dye ink printer

    Based on what I see in low res and the relative comparisons. This certainly shows why just profiling with a hodge podge is no longer a solution for the performance you seek. The yellow pigment and magenta pigment used is not the correct one at all very far off the dye equivalent. In fact the...
  16. mikling

    I keep losing light grey completely after about 10 prints

    1. Check that your vent passage is clear. 2. Try flushing the tank if above is OK alternatively use a different known good condition tank.
  17. mikling

    ArgyllCMS profiles: Black Point Compensation gives composite black when checked

    Just an opinion. Though I sell aftermarket ink, color management cannot and does not create magic. Review the role of color management in your workflow. Are the inks up to the task? IMO put poor tires on a great print engine, no amount of traction control, vector steering, awd and steering and...
  18. mikling

    Something interesting that might be of interest to some.

    What you don't know is that the bottom assembly for the Pro-1000 is about $800 CAD plus install. Keep popping those tanks in and out to weight them needlessly and you will run the risk of breaking the plastic retention mechanism underneath. History of replacements at Canon Service Center even...
  19. mikling

    Keep your printer turned on 24/7 or power it down after every use?

    Automatic ARE being done and for good reason. It definitely is being done on Pro-10. Once the OEM Lucia Pro ink dries, no amount of soaking will remove it. Canon knows this and this is the price of making tough scratch resistant OEM ink. Refill ink OTOH is not as tough in this regard. There is a...