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    Canon printers. How many of us are still refilling?

    Still refilling my Maxify. I started "refilling" on dot matrix printer ribbons, but my first official refills were on the early Canon bubblejet black only cartridges. Jeez, those things were easy. Drill a hole, squirt ink in and back to printing.
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    Another one of my 3D bright ideas..

    It looks good. In my yard the squirrels would chew through the plastic to get to the seed though.
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    Changing Canon Ink absorber

    Whatever disposable diapers are made of would be a potential ink absorber.
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    Canon LBP 2900 repair

    I ran across this link to fixing a printing problem with this Canon laser printer. It shows good pictures of what's inside the printer and shows a fix to a problem with partial page printing. I don't own a laser printer, but thought the link might be helpful to someone who needs to...
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    scanners, anyone?

    The other responses about your specific Epson software may answer your question, but I'm a satisfied user of VueScan. I run an ancient Canon 8400f scanner and VueScan has speeded up my scanning. It supports your Epson scanner and is available here...
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    GI-26 Ink for Maxify printers (GI-56 in Europe)

    Although the recommendations in the other threads were to use genuine Canon ink because it was close in price to the aftermarket competition, the GI-26 Canon ink still seems to be 2-3x the cost of similar aftermarket ink at PrecisionColors. Maybe I'm missing something. With the exception of...
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    GI-26 Ink for Maxify printers (GI-56 in Europe)

    The comments recommending the use of genuine Canon GI-26 ink to refill the Maxify line of printers are scattered in various threads, but I think that is the current recommendation of the gang here for refilling PGI-1200 and PGI-1500 cartridges, right? Although obviously available on Amazon...
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    Made the mistake of using WD 40

    Actually it can become an awful lot like duct tape. Rather than scolding you I'm going to anticipate the next problem you might have. WD-40 becomes gummy over time. Your printer is working again so I wouldn't do anything at the moment. Further attempts at cleaning could make something worse...
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    Ink in carpet. Any tips? Am I screwed?

    I have never done this so take my suggestion with that admonition. You can get 10% Hydrogen peroxide at places that supply hair dressers. Sally Beauty Supply is close to me and a quart of the peroxide cost around $5 in the USA. You're dealing with white carpet, so if you get some bleaching of...
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    Nifty Gift

    Have you guys figured out how to print food yet?
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    Epson might as well foot the bill for my wine addiction....

    I can't answer your technical question, but it sounds to me like you've got a defective printer. Document all you've done and ask Amazon for a refund or replacement printer.
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    Completely Dead Maxify and what worked

    I stand corrected. I have left the last two printers on full time based on something that was recommended here in the past. I doubt I could find that any more. I don't think it was in the long post on Maxify printers that Palombian started a year or so ago. I think it long predates that and...
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    Completely Dead Maxify and what worked

    I have an MB 2120 that's about 23 months old. I leave it turned on all of the time. It's winter here so it's unusual to have thunder storms, but we had one. It was at night and wasn't severe and our power wasn't out as far as I can tell. In the morning when I came down the lights were off on...
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    MB2700 Ink levels for color carts incorrect

    I'm surprised the vendors who created the ARC chips haven't come up with a resetter for the ARC chips. They could make more money selling the resetter instead of fixing the ARC chips to reset when they're removed when the ink is low but not out, which is really how the ARC chips ought to work...
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    6502 error and problems with refillable cartridges

    I had to sacrifice direct CD printing, but in the end got a Maxify MB2120. I've refilled the original cartridges a few times and am using automatic reset chips. The printer is now about 22 months old. Like The Hat said, it just works.
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    Anyone want a good laugh? DIY Epson V33 Scanner power supply plug

    Off topic, but potentially useful since drivers were mentioned. If the manufacturer of a scanner doesn't have a current driver for your device for the operating system you use, VueScan probably can make your scanner work. The software is available at I'm a satisfied...
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    Alternative way to refill Maxify's PGI-1200 / 1500 etc. Cartridges

    @The Hat, Thanks for your picture and Octoink link. What Octoinks describes as a "tapered needle" is a pipette tip. I have some of those I saved from work and will try one of them when I get the ARC chips and actually refill my cartridges. What's different about the Octoink pipette tips...
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    Alternative way to refill Maxify's PGI-1200 / 1500 etc. Cartridges

    Thanks for your thoughts on this alternative method of refilling. My ink from @mikling arrived earlier in the week. Now if only the autoreset chips would arrive. "Hint: Listen closely to what @palombian and @The Hat say about their Maxify refilling techniques." I've read through all 32 pages...
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    Alternative way to refill Maxify's PGI-1200 / 1500 etc. Cartridges

    I've read some of the refilling threads here on the Maxify series and have been watching the Youtube videos. I ran across this one where the person punctures a hole in the rear of the cartridge to refill it and then reseals it with hot melt glue rather than using vacuum from a syringe as...
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    Maxify Compatible Cartridges PGI-1200

    Well, running out of ink forced my hand. I just ordered ink from Precision Colors and a set of reset chips from ebay. I'm still reading the 30+ pages on Maxify refilling and compatible cartridges you guys created here. I should be ready by the time my ink arrives. I didn't get much economy...