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    Epson sure colour p900 dark banding

    I am having issues with darker banding an inch from the bottom of every prints. The printer seems to pause at this section everytime. I’ve taken a video here - The paper is innova 210gsm Thick paper setting on Settings - fine art paper / standard quality Printing using USB but also happens...
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    refilling half empty cartridges - OctoInkjet

    Thanks! Wasn't sure if the ink needed to be removed to ensure all the air was removed from cartridge but this is very helpful :)
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    refilling half empty cartridges - OctoInkjet

    I have replaced all my cartridges with a full set and now have a set of empty and half filled cartridges. I've watched all the octoinkjet youtube videos and i'm clear about how to refill an empty cartridge (by syringing out the air). What do I do when I want to refill a cartridge that is half...