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  1. John R

    Advice - Multifunction Printer purchase

    The Canon TS5120 and HP Envy 7155 are the fastest with disposable printheads.
  2. John R

    Soak Pro-100 Head

    I worked up to doing what I did. I would skip the glycerol if you don't have it. It helps keep things wet and slick. I initially didn't want to use ammonium hydroxide or isopropyl alcohol either, but if it's broken then I wasn't concerned with it getting more broken. I've also used hot...
  3. John R

    Soak Pro-100 Head

    I fixed the striping I was having using a solution of 88cc distilled water, 2cc of clear ammonia, 4cc of glycerol, and 26cc of isopropyl alcohol. I wedged a 1 in length of 1/4" tube over the ports the cartridges attach to, and rinsed the entry ports without applying any pressure to the internal...
  4. John R

    BCH inks any good?

    When I purchased the spongeless kit, I went with Canon Megatank Ink (GI-290) for the tri-color. It's not color matched and I didn't do any profiling, but it works well enough for the everyday stuff I do. For black I use ink designed for the HP-61 because I bought too much of it and hated the HP...
  5. John R

    Can print head recover from letting magenta run completely dry?

    Does the Pixma Pro-100 have a vacuum line? I haven't found a service manual or tear down to see what it has. It appears different inks behave differently to ammonia, so I was under the impression that when ammonia loosened everything up that the inks that thinned out more ended up gravity...
  6. John R

    Best consumer-level printer that also prints CD/DVDs?

    Since you don't need/want an ADF, I'd recommend the Canon TS9020 or Canon TS8020, it uses PGI-270/CLI-271 which has refillable cartridges.
  7. John R

    Epson ET-7700 inks

    I made the ink model numbers link to the US page below: In the US - T512 is for the ET-7700. Marketing says these are 1.5pL sized print heads. The T502 is for the ET-3750 (current model Workforce) which is 3 - 3.3pL sized print heads. The T664 & T774 are for the ET-16500 (previous model...
  8. John R

    Health & Safety and 3D Printing.

    Smoking has a lot to do with this, since the article posits that respirable dust and toxic materials that are byproducts of combustion from a 3D printer are harmful to health. Deliberately inhaling smoke, no matter the source, is not good for the lungs but you should acknowledge incidental...
  9. John R

    Epson ET-7700 inks

    The Epson 106 and Epson 512 are the same, but from different regions of the world?
  10. John R

    Pro-10 for $99.99

    Does the receipt itemize the paper and the printer separately?
  11. John R

    Nozzle issue with Epson Workforce 3640

    What tools are used when your head cleaning fails? For instance, I sometimes use a T252 set of cartridges filled with piezoflush and gently pressurize the air vent hole with a syringe to flush the solution through, but that's it. I have two WF3640's and one WF3620 in various states of clog. The...
  12. John R

    3rd Party dye ink fade Test...!

    @The Hat @Ink stained Fingers Thanks for the results. I haven't read through all the threads; it's nice to see that the results are consistent. It's a tedious experiment that doesn't get done enough. I did this test last year with all the various printers I have collected with unknown brands and...
  13. John R

    Brand new xp-960 ink not absorbing glossy side of thick cardstock

    I've printed on posterboard, but you have to add the inkjet receptive coating yourself. Look at InkAid or Golden Grounds Digital. If you don't want to try that, Brother specifically has a straight through paper path on a bunch of their laser printers and if you crank to fuser up to super-thick...
  14. John R

    Pro-100 Printhead (was a) Problem

    So I guess I don’t have a problem that needs fixing, but rather a problem I fixed. Figured success stories and techniques coming from this forum should be mentioned. About four weeks ago I noticed at the bottom of the cyan block on the test page didn’t have a crisp edge. Since TurboPrint has...
  15. John R

    WF 3640 new firmware update

    I just ran the updater on an older WF3640 I have (had CB29G7 20.A5, now has CB20GC 20.A5) which I think is current. All my refillable carts still work. The PC refillable carts (as well as 2 other types I've purchased) will produce a nag screen the first time you print (per computer) after...
  16. John R

    Proper way to dispose ink?

    The proper way to dispose of ink, or really anything, is to know what components are in it - especially if the components are hazardous. I don't know what ink you're using, but say you had a bunch of genuine Epson black T252 cartridges. The data sheet for that is...
  17. John R

    Official PK Poll - Is there any future in refilling?

    Did I miss a news article that is pushing the facts towards no? I only buy printers that are refillable, both laser and inkjet. The newest printer I bought was due to speed, paper handling, and the fact that refillable supplies were widely available. Refilling isn't going away; paper and ink are...
  18. John R

    Magenta fail?

    I prefer using ammonia because it's less aggressive than bleach. I wasn't going to use bleach because I don't want to worry about it modifying the properties of the sponge in the cartridge (I have no idea what it's made of) and I'm concerned that it might react and leave something behind...
  19. John R

    Magenta fail?

    There are no spots on the sides. There are some spots between where the ink well and the sponge meet. Isopropyl alcohol and boiled water (87C) had no effect.
  20. John R

    Magenta fail?

    So after 1 year of use, I flush out the CLI-42s I've been using just to clear out ink residue. I don't use the pharmacists cleaning solution, rather I use straight undiluted clear ammonia (while wearing an APR & safety goggles). Where this worked fine with cleaning out everything (even yellow)...