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    Recommendation Needed: Reliability of Newer Generation Printhead

    I payed 15eur for 15minutes phone call to Germany, i'm afraid calling to usa is never going to happen. In year 2000 i paid 120eur for 15min internet access to local number that apparently forwarded call to usa. Never again. If they do not offer online way to call them.
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    Recommendation Needed: Reliability of Newer Generation Printhead

    This happened in 2020 i think, after they changed from paypal to using their own third party to deposit money for your sales. This never was used by me as account was banned. So it was ok for ebay to pay me about 300usd total for yearly sales of old pc parts, printer parts, general it stuff...
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    Canon Pro-100 Firmware 2.041

    I place my bets on the Canon had manufacturer defect on their printhead thus massive promotion/sale on Pro-100 instead dealing with recall? or Failed to scaled to larger production.
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    ET 7750 Print issue. Horrible noise and hitting paper with head

    Do you have any photos of protector you speak about?
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    Using damp shop to clean Epson 7600 print head

    Damp cleaning is dangerous because water can enter print head contacts by capiliary action. You must attempt only if proper removal of print head is very hard.
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    Is your 3D printer killing you slowly?

    ignorance does not contribute heath to anyone. Once you have COPD it cant be treated.
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    imagePROGRAF PRO-300: blurry edges

    Then look no further then SC-P900 it has ink resetter around 100Eur, and empty cart set for 50Eur all carts. The original chips can be reset if not used lower then 15%. No arc chips exist yet.
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    Strange behaviour Qimage Ultimate

    Yes sure the resolution changes output result, how else you get better print quality. But its very hard to explain this to a client, they want to pay as cheap as possible, so instead of buying two profiles in this case they buy the hi res one but soon it becomes clear printing time is too long...
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    i1 Studio vs. Datacolor Spyder Print Profile comparisons

    I remember the first datacolor spyder print tool, what a joke it was back then i1pro wss available. In the later revisions instead of improving the tool, the changed the look of the instrument added bells and whistles and thats it.
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    Epson SureColor P700 & P900 Technicians Service Manual [Expired]

    The link no longer works, any new link
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    Canon Pro-100 Firmware 2.041

    So you have 2 spare printers in storage withouy printheads? If they with printheads why tradh them?
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    Canon Pro-100s - when deep cleaning doesn't help

    I think this is ink flow problem, if the empty lines never change then electrical problem. I always keep good nozzle check when printer is new to compare to.
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    Recommendation Needed: Reliability of Newer Generation Printhead

    eBay account has been permanently suspended because of activity that eBay believed was putting the eBay community at risk! This fraudulent company, removed my account for reason known to them only. I made another one for my dad, who only test bought one item, they closed that too. I will never...
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    Recommendation Needed: Reliability of Newer Generation Printhead

    Epson FA13031 this code did not find me anything :(
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    Tips for vacuuming an Epson wide-format printer

    The prices are so crazy like for asbestos vaccum. Better diy if you have proper earth grounding, meaning earth wire not connected to neutral line in distribution box where you electricity meeter is
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    Epson WF-2960 icon missing from Windows Taskbar; can't access Utilities

    Good job, the repair works only sometimes
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    Print streaking

    The purge unit pads are where print head parks when you turn off the printer, most on right side
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    IP8750 images cut off from the bottom

    Hmm strange problem, did not know there can be dividing lines in photoshop that make printer to cut imaged when printed.
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    Print streaking

    These streaks look to be horizontal not vertical. Seem like typical print head problem when low on ink, clogged. If nozzle check is OK, the print should be OK also. Replace the carts your said are low on ink, also replace maintenance box, check visually the purge unit pads are clean or not with...