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    Pixma IP4300 Print Head Alignment

    Thanks for the helpful reply. The inks are all OEM, as provided by the seller. The amount of dust also provided with the printer is a good indication that it was not used for some time. What kind of time frame might I be looking at with using the genuine ink as a declogging method? I have a...
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    Pixma IP4300 Print Head Alignment

    I have acquired a used IP4300 (because buying a modern printer would be too convenient) and I don't think the print head is properly aligned because there is some colour bleed in the print tests and smudging in the auto alignment calibration. Since I started using it I've performed 3 software...
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    Pixma IP4300 Ink Carriage Stuck On the Right and Does Not Move When Lid is Opened

    I lost my login details and wasn’t able to recover the password, so I had to make a new account. Thanks for the help, PeterBJ. With the guide you linked, I was able to dismantle the printer chassis and manually unlock the ink carriage, which allowed me to remove and clean the clogged print...