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    Epson SureColor P700 & P900 Technicians Service Manual [Expired]

    Thanks. I have recently attended a workshop where we had access to Epson P906 printers (the numbering system for the P900 sold in Australia). We also had access to a large amount of Canson PK and MK papers. As the owner of an Epson 3800 it was such a pleasure to print an image on a PK paper...
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    InkTec Powerchrome for Epson 3880

    Hi Kjell. I bought a badly blocked Epson 7880 a few years ago and, because half the cartridges were empty, used Inktec ink, initially to flush the printer clean and get it going and subsequently to learn about creating icc profiles using ArgyllCMS. I also have an Epson 3880 which has OEM ink...
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    How do you print the Argyll target on macOS 10.15 Catalina?

    I recommend Roy Harrington's Print Tool ( for printing in general. It has three options for Color Management: No Color Management; Print-Tool Managed; and Printer Driver Managed. It also has an Epson ABW mode check box. I use the No Color...
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    stylus pro 3800 black printing mystery

    I bought an Epson 3800 that had been sitting unused for more than 5 years. It's nozzle check print was worse than yours and wouldn't complete the nozzle print either. I forget the error number but it wasn't relevant. Unlike you, I couldn't get any good prints. My research lead me to the...
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    Some tests with the ET-8550

    Thanks for details. I have an i1Pro2 which gives me access to i1Profiler but I only use it for screen profiling because it is much easier to use the much older DTP70 that scans a whole page at a time like the i1iSys. Apparently I can use the output from these scans in i1Profiler but I have...
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    Some tests with the ET-8550

    This has been a very interesting, and fast developing, discussion. I am amazed at the gamut volume figures - all above 1.2 million units. I use an old X-Rite DTP70 with ArgyllCMS to generate icc printer profiles for an Epson 7880 and an Epson 3880. I have OEM ink in the 3880 and get gamut...
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    Reliability of Canon MegaTank Printers

    It was surprisingly difficult to locate a Brother DCP-J1100DW in Australia, but, I have tracked one down and it is due to be delivered in early October. Thanks for the range of comments and advice. I will follow up with an assessment of the printer after 6 to 12 months use.
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    Reliability of Canon MegaTank Printers

    I hadn't looked at the Brother Inkjet printers but have just downloaded the DCP-J1100DW brochure. It seems to tick all of the functionality boxes, except for a maintenance tank, which I wouldn't expect on such a small printer anyway. Thanks for the tip about generic ink. Do you use a...
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    Looking for multifunction home printer that doesn't clog

    My current Epson WF 4360 is used intermittently by my wife and myself. All its functions work fine except that the magenta channel regularly clogs. Clearing the clog is tedious, time consuming, ink consuming and occasionally and temporarily successful. A sickly green cast is a continuing...
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    Reliability of Canon MegaTank Printers

    Thanks Artur5. I wondered if the MegaTank printers were more robust and reliable than the versions using cartridges and your response and experience with an MB5150 is very reassuring. I checked some prices in Australian dollars and the Maxify MegaTank that The Hat reviewed a few years ago is...
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    Reliability of Canon MegaTank Printers

    Thanks. Have discovered your comments on the Maxify MegaTank from a few years ago. Very reassuring that it continues to give good service on the sort of intermittent use that is similar to my use pattern. The Maxify MegaTank is at the top end of my budget so I will find out more on the lower...
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    Reliability of Canon MegaTank Printers

    I am looking for a reliable home printer. My use is relatively low volume and intermittent. I prefer a printer that will auto print both sides of a page. I like the bulk ink concept of the MegaTank printers. My current Epson Workforce printer works perfectly well as a B&W printer but the...
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    Extra long print using Epson Stylus Pro 7880

    Thanks Ink Stained. I will try a smaller custom size as a test print. It looks like time to bite the bullet and see what happens.
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    Extra long print using Epson Stylus Pro 7880

    Thanks Ink stained for comments. I used to use LightRoom for printing but that option has been cut off since I upgraded my MacBook Pro to MacOS Big Sur. This version of operating system does not support a driver for my Epson 7880. The Epson print drivers that I have tracked down on the US...
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    Extra long print using Epson Stylus Pro 7880

    I have an Epson Stylus Pro 7880. I usually use sheet paper of A4, A3 or A2 to print images. I have been asked to print an image that is 18079 x 2095 pixels as big as possible. The purpose of the image is as a background to a model railway setup in a man cave. The image itself was taken using...
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    i1Studio or i1pro2 (Profiling Service) for ICC Printer Profiles

    Hello Angelo I have come in on this discussion quite late but can give you a few comments on my own experience of diving down the rabbit hole of screen and printer profiling. My first step was to buy a DataColor Print setup, I chose it instead of a ColorMunki but it was a choice made with...
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    Apple's Big Sur and Epson 3880 and 7880 - WARNING

    I have Epson Stylus Pro 3880 and 7880 printers, an Epson WF3460 multifunction printer and a 2019 Apple MacBook Pro. I have delayed upgrading the operating system to Big Sur because a few friends with P800 printers experienced problems with their printers when they moved to Big Sur. However, 3...
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    Best wide format Epson for refilling?

    I have an Epson 7880 that I bought second hand after it had not been used for 7 years. To get it going I replaced the ink buffers on the head and, because the Vivid Magenta line was blocked I used warm water to force about 30cm of solidified ink out. I have used InkTec, Cone and, most...
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    Epson banding issues despite multiple nozzle cleans & windex

    Hi Hannah. I didn't catch which printer you are using and that can effect your options. I hope you have one with a replaceable/reusable waste ink tank. I have experienced the same deterioration with a number of different Epson printers (from an R800 to a 7880). My analysis is that if you...
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    Epson 3800 with a clogged magenta channel

    Hi to Nigel and others. I have only recently joined this forum but had similar experience with an Epson 3800 that I bought after it had been sitting for a long time. I think that I have visited most of the sites that have been mentioned in this thread but the best advice I was given was to...