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  1. Ponny

    Reset printing after few pages

    What do you mean? Is this problem solved after this setting? I mean, start printing after all pages of print file are saved?
  2. Ponny

    Reset printing after few pages

    Printing queue is clean. This problem occured two times with two different files. Aha, now I turned off "start printing now" and select start printing after last page saved. (This is my fast translating from slovenian to english) And, I am not tested yet.
  3. Ponny

    Reset printing after few pages

    Printer Canon iP7200 start to print, print few pages, but then after print file is done, reset printing and start again from page 1. Driver: Operating system :Windows 10.
  4. Ponny

    About 3D scanning and copying

    Meow I am not sure, is this right forum for this..... I just thinking about 3d scanning and printing..... Try to imagine this scenario: You have at home some super 3D printer from science fiction. And your friend has the newest version of super automatic smart and perfect washing mashine. You...
  5. Ponny

    Canon (Pixma iP4200) in Linux

    Meow It seems I am very stupid aobut searching. I search any topics about how works Canon printers in Linux. But I find nothing. My experience about Canon printers in Linux is not good. I have two big problems with printing in Linux. With Canon Pixma iP4200. In fact, only standard setting on...
  6. Ponny

    iP4200 not save settings

    Meow Do you want to know, what I done today just now? I tried to remove printer driver. But because, I not found it between installed software, I searched it in "Devices and printers". Select my printer Pixma iP4200 and comannd: remove Device. With printer turned off, of horse. Then restart...
  7. Ponny

    Printer suddenly stopped working in windows 10, help?

    Maybe I missed something in this topic. But my question is: Is there option to get driver for your printer directly from manufacturers home page (Canon, if I read correctly) - maybe some older version. Then you uninstal driver, restart comp, and install this downoaded versino. Maybe stupid idea...
  8. Ponny

    Official PK Poll - Is there any future in refilling?

    I thing, refilling is good. Because then you can use all 100% of ink. With changing ink tank you lose a little bit of ink, because you can newer use all ink in tank - right to the bottom. And with refillnig you willl never again stay out of ink with middle of very big picture. Because, you...
  9. Ponny

    iP4200 not save settings

    Meow I am sure, this problem already discused somwhere here, but I can't find it. You know, I am pretty bad with searchin. So....> I have very strange problem with printer Canon Pixma iP4200. The settings is not saved. Well, if I use profile, printer will remember setting, but only for current...
  10. Ponny


    Hi from Slovenia. I am not sure is there anybody from Slovenia. Maybe I am the first. Now I should find some good pucture for the avatar. This is not the easy job. Could take some time. See you. Ponny