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  1. apetitphoto

    Color laser - longevity of carts?

    The pen? Those have been known to dry out. Try a pencil or chunk of graphite... But in all seriousness, use it or lose it.
  2. apetitphoto

    Finally, an article that's "reasonably" accurate

    Its the “Paperless Office,” not the paperless home. Because if you have to go to an office to discuss things they’ll want to see paper not their own generated digital record. The burden of printing has just been moved to the consumer. Which means big boxes under the tree...
  3. apetitphoto

    “Purge sheets”

    How much is too much? After spending a couple days, many cartridge swaps between refillable and OEM, many printer purge cycles, ..., I’ve moved to manually (at this point) printing a “purge sheet” every other day. Is this too much for my Epsons or am I In the world of “if it works don’t knock it?”
  4. apetitphoto

    Best printer for refilling carts?

    dwolf: I don’t know where you are but some of the Epson workforce printers may do what you describe. See if Precision Colors or other vendors have kits for the model that interests you. I run a 3620 and a 7210 with Precision Colors stuff.
  5. apetitphoto

    Problem with refillable ink cartridge on an epson wf3620

    Suffering the same problem. I may have gotten past it by printing several purge sheets like the CMYK one from Time will tell...
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    Epson Workforce inks, use EcoTank inks instead?

    I have a WF-7210 loaded with Precision Colors durabrite replacement ink and it does, imho, well enough with custom profiles on matte paper; in fact, I prefer PC inks over OEM. (Could be the profile, could be the inks.) As has been noted, the workforce printers don’t do well in photo printing on...
  7. apetitphoto

    Can I turn off the automatic cleaning process?

    Are you turning your printer off between print sessions? Most printers will do some sort of cleaning cycle when turned on. And even if they are “off” a timer keeps ticking and if there is a time based cleaning it will still happen.
  8. apetitphoto

    Dye or pigment inks for my new Epson WF7710

    I’m using Precision Colors PCDB pigment inks in my 7210 quite happily. I find them to be, to me, better color wise than the OEM inks: The OEM black seemed a bit brown, and if left to its own devices the photos printed seemed to have a cyan-ish hue. I am printing on matte paper. So PCDB...
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    7800 has magenta color cast

    Probably not. I was looking at the photo only. Forget all after hello...
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    7800 has magenta color cast

    You’re not using a printer profile AND an application profile at the same time? A slip of the mouse can do bad things...
  11. apetitphoto

    black nozzle check often totally blank

    I was joking, but whatever works!
  12. apetitphoto

    black nozzle check often totally blank
  13. apetitphoto

    Epson WorkForce WF-7620 reset XL ink for longer printing?

    That is what mine claim to do, but the printer only recognizes them as full after it thinks they're empty. I've not found a way to force them to full otherwise, but it's OK as I tend to refill them before they are "empty."
  14. apetitphoto

    Epson WorkForce WF-7620 reset XL ink for longer printing?

    1) If you're refilling why not refill all the carts when one is declared empty? That way you'll most likely never run out of ink. 2) I'm pretty sure the workforce printers don't know how much ink is in a cartridge; the printer "knows" how much it is using and bases the remaining volume on...
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    Papers to minimise fade with aftermarket dye inks.

    What's the recommended platen gap for a cow?
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    Epson WorkForce WF-7620 printing bad photos

    As ISF points out, Durabrite black ink is good on matte paper, not so good on glossy. These printers are more targeted at office use. I have found that if you profile it it can do color, on matte paper, pretty well. On glossy paper the blacks are created by using the CMY inks mainly and the use...
  17. apetitphoto

    Nozzle issue with Epson Workforce 3640

    @mikling isnt there a "recommend limit" to the number of back to back head cleanings?
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    Pro-10 for $99.99

    Just tried it and the discount brought the price down to $350. To bad - for me... Update: I didn't see the rebate, which brings it down to about $99.
  19. apetitphoto

    C, M, Y, and sometimes K, and others

    In there were a series of comments that play along with my belief that printers may be more about the base CMY colors than all the other colors they are marketed for having. Am I personally misguided?
  20. apetitphoto

    Always this messy?

    So what I'm reading in the last few posts is interesting (Perhaps a new thread?). Printers are really C,M,Y and sometimes K, and sometimes other "spiker" colors. If true this confirms a nagging suspicion I've had about marketing...