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    Experiment: pigment ink in Epson XP-15000 dye ink printer

    Does anyone know the XP-15000 5000 printhead replacement partnumber. And where I can get it within Europe? I don't trust Alibaba and I don't have a Amazon account. They wont let me create an account.
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    What can cause a single horizontal bar on color prints?

    Is there any part in a canon inkjet printer that can leave a 1/8 inch horizontal line across on a color print. That is slightly darker to the color that is on the paper. Could it be a dirty bar that temporarily touches the paper? I suddenly have this single bar on most colorprints about 4...
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    Bands most noticeable at bottom of page on Canon ip8500

    I have the beginning of page banding on my TS5151. Is there something inside the printer I need to clean? As the top of the image comes out of the printer first. I guess it's the beginning of the page. Here's an example. I flipped the the sheet 180 and printed again and it's the exact same...
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    Weird line on top of every color print with my Pixma

    Hello. I've noticed a faint line on top of color prints with my Pixma TS5151. It goes accross the width from left to right. And it occurs in the exact same height on all prints. I almost didn't notice em because they're not white streaks or blotches. Rather slightly darker tone to the color of...
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    Keep your printer turned on 24/7 or power it down after every use?

    I have a Pixma printer and it's connected to the outlet but not turned on when not in use. Does this count? My setup cl541 and 540 carts clogged when I didn't print for two weeks. But after unclogging and leaving the powercable in but printer off after each use. I could leave it for twwo weeks...
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    Canon printers. How many of us are still refilling?

    Hello. I'm a newbe and have been using a Canon CL541XL cart for about 10 months. And refilling it actually almost every week. i have a question. Do burned out nozzles show white streaks on the nozzle-check? It's on the magenta en cyan. I've been repeating the cleaning up to 10 times now and the...