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    Expression ET2550

    Has anyone bought an Expression ET2550, looking for an honest review not a review from Epson, or a magazine
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    Maxify 2320 vs WF 3620

    What are the pros and cons on these 2 how do you refill a maxify and reset the cartridges, the big difference I see is the canon is much bigger
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    Frustrated with the canons

    OK it has been a while since I have posted (because I have been battling with these printers), myself and several other people that I know are having issues with the canon pixmas, B200, magenta not printing, flushing cartridges trying every known cure to no avail. At this point I am looking to...
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    The XP420 is on sale for 50.00 in the usa, 4 color wireless, does it print duplex? and how refillable is this printer any info is welcome thank you
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    WF325 or XP400

    which one is the preferred printer,as far as refilling, mainly text but on occasion 4x6 photos, can either one print to cds
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    I Hate My Canon

    OK after all the issues that I have been having with my magenta refills (OEM cartridges) I think that I may have smoked a new printhead in my MP990 so at this point I am going to look for a different brand maybe brother or epson the canons have serviced me well 2005 or longer however this issue...
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    New Epson CISS

    While traveling this past weekend I saw an advertisement for the new printers that have tanks that are refillable, are these available in the states and does anyone have any experience with any of them yet, this may get me to switch from the canons
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    Magenta 221 Flushing Filling

    OK I have been refilling for many years and all of a sudden my magenta cartridges will not accept the ink, I have used the conditioning fluid as prescribed by the pharmacist to no avail, these are OEM cartridges that I purchased sometime ago on ebay they are canon 221 cartridges (virgin) most...
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    Magenta is Streaky

    I was having problems with my magenta being streaky during a nozzle check, tried different refilled cartridges which are OEM top filling. So I replaced the print head and I am getting the same issues with the new print head is anyone else have issues with thier magenta MP990 CLI-221
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    MP560 U140 Code

    ok not my machine, reset OEM cartridges all lights are solid close the cover and a U140 pops up open the cover and all cartridge lights are off. cleaned contacts on cartridges, reset with resetter, tried another set of OEM cartridges, what is up with this?
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    Printhead Longevity

    After running my MP990 for 4 years and 7000 pages I had a problem with the cyan being plugged, the first time I have ever had to replace a print head, I have been top filling with precision colors for I don't know how long I would have to ask mike if he has a record of when I first ordered his...
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    Service Mode on MP990

    How do you enter the service mode on the MP990 to see the date it was put into service and the number of pages printed
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    MP620 Print Head

    OK I have an MP620 with a bad logic board good print head, now I found a 620 with a bad print head and good logic board, however I never removed the good print head and it is dry dry dry (should have flushed it or left wet cartridges in it) oh well it has been sitting for say 9 months in the...
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    Half Full

    Has anyone reset the chip and only half filled a cartridge? The reason being if you do not completely refill a cartridge (say a few ccs low) will the light prism over ride the chip and notify you that the cartridge is near empty. Does the chip or light prism take preference. Using 220/221...
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    Scanning with MP Navigator

    OK I imagine this is a very simple fix for everyone but me. When I scan anything with the software Navigator that comes with the canon printers, my scans get totally lost. They are being saved according to the date that the scan is done (where I am not sure), but as soon as I select another...
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    Canon to Epson?

    ok last aug i lost an mp620 B200 code i think it is the logic board, well i have friends still using 560s and 640s i am using a 990. at some point i feel these machines are going to to be irrepairable. so is epson now the better printer to get that is refillable, wifi, scans and prints cds. if...
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    CD Label Print

    this has never happened before, i just downloaded a cover and when i go to print on the dvd it has a 5mm white outer ring it will not fill the whole disc, i set the image to background, when i try every other image in my collection they all fill the disc i can not figure out how to either...
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    ok i have had this issue for a long time and was just living with it, so now i would like to address it. my mp990 when i scan a document it leaves a little off from the original, today i did a preview and the lcd on the printer showed that the scan area was a little smaller than the document it...
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    mp990 wifi connection

    ok i need help reconnecting my mp990, it seems that it only wants to print with a cable, desktop is win 7, laptop is win 8.1. the printer is connected to the router via wifi ok, the printer will print from the desktop if the cable is connected between the printer and the desktop. if i unplug the...
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    small image on 4x6 paper

    ok the problem that i am having is, a 2x3 inch image that when i print on regular 8 1/2 x 11 plain paper it prints at that size, but if i try to print it on to 4x6 photo paper it wants to fill the whole paper, i guess what i'm trying to do is print a "wallet size" but at a specific size, i can't...