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  1. Picard

    How best to mount and display Ink Jet Prints

    Any suggestions for Dye based ink prints to keep them from fading? Websites, products, techniques???
  2. Picard

    3d printing v coronavirus covid 19 in Italia
  3. Picard

    Cli42 autoreset chips

    Has anyone tried these?
  4. Picard

    Pro-100 Auto turn on Wi-Fi?

    Does anyone know if this Canon printer will automatically power up via a received print task over WiFi?
  5. Picard

    CLI-42Y and Yellow Jello

    Since I have a new Pro-100 and yet to be used, would it be better for me to purchase an empty cartridge from Precision Colors along with the inks to fill all carts for the 100 and never even run any OEM yellow through it? Just use the PC filled yellow cart from the git go? I am wondering if I...
  6. Picard

    Breathing Color Free sample pack for US customers

    I was researching different papers and ran across Breathing Color offering free sample packs (pay shipping) to US customers.
  7. Picard

    BCH inks any good?

    Has anyone had any experience with BCH inks particularly with canon printers? I purchased and installed a conversion for stock cartridges making them spongeless with a built in refill plug. Worked well. Was wondering about their ink.
  8. Picard


    Found my way here and damn glad to be aboard. Long time cart refiller. I dunno, over a decade at least. I started way back on an old Epson, even forgot the model. I found out about a guy named Neil Slade. One of the original printer nerds, this guy taught me everything I wanted to know at...