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    Windows XP and Canon Maxify?

    Are there any problems running a Canon Maxify printer with a Windows XP computer.?
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    Can I use Canon BCI-6 refill ink in a HP 45 cartridge?

    My Canon ip5000 has died and someone just gave me an HP Photosmart 1315 printer. The black ink cartridge, HP 45, is empty. I have a lot of ink from in Canada...used in my Canon BCI-6 and BCI-3e cartridges. I'd like to use some of the black ink in the HP 45 cartridge, but...
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    Canon ip5000 won't start up

    My Canon ip5000, working fine until today, is non- responsive to the on/off button. There is power in the two hole plug that plugs into the back of the printer, but when plugged in there is no noise and no lights anywhere and no response to pushing in the power button. I'd like to ask for...
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    ip5000...How to print with black only

    Since my BCI-6 Black cartridge has run out and I'm waiting for ink, I wonder if I can set the Canon Pixma ip5000 to only use the BCI-3eBK cartridge. John
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    Canon ip5000 won't stay on

    This is an ip5000 I had just received from an eBay purchase. It was working but the printhead seemed to be plugged(bad test print), so I had spent a few days cleaning a different ip5000 printhead (from a non-working ip5000) and installed it. After I installed this cleaned printhead I turned on...
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    will ip4000 power cord/supply work on ip6000d?

    I've found a source of refurbished print heads for my ip6000d, but it's been sitting a long time and I can't find the power cord. I have an ip4000 with a bad print head, so while I look for that one I'd like to fire up the ip6000d. Are the power cords/supplies interchangeable?
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    ip4000, stopped working and shows 5 orange flashes

    My ip4000 had been working fine since I put in 5 new original cartridges. Yesterday it refused to print and the power light started giving 5 orange flashes, then one green, the 5 orange flashes keeps repeating this when it's turned on. I pulled out the print head and looked at it...
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    Ink smear when printing envelope...Canon ip4000

    This doesn't happen when I print a normal page but I just printed five envelopes in a row and every one has ink smears, not huge ones but just enough to affect a part of the return or the delivery address, or both. Is there something I can do to prevent this from happening? John
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    refilled cartridge, but it keeps dripping

    I'm trying to refill cartridges for my Canon ip6000d, and Canon ip4000. I tried the German(?) way, which was hard because the needle isn't long enough to go all the way (horizontally) to the tank. And then couldn't stop the cartridge from dripping even after taping the entry hole. I then...
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    printing in grayscale, Canon Pixma 6000D

    Am I correct that when I set the printing for grayscale, only the black ink is used? I'm asking because the ink is low or out in some of the color cartridges and the 6000D won't let me print. Shouldn't I be able to print in black and white...there is plenty of black ink. John
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    Canon ip5000 with stuck printhead carriage

    I've acquired (for $8) a Canon ip5000 printer. The previous owner said was working perfectly and one day the printhead carriage stayed locked in the home (right side) position. After I brought it home I plugged it in and pushed the power button. There was a little noise from the printer, the...
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    Canon ip6000d printing is very light

    I just acquired a used ip6000d. All ink cartridges are full. When I run a test print, color or grayscale, it is printing so light that it's barely readable. I ran a nozzle check and all nozzles seem to be working and the results print showed all nozzles working but the black and white and color...