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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    I'm gonna take it to the air for my next one:
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    Why does my old HP 6L print images better than my newer HP laserjets?

    I'll agree with the halftone assessment, as well as dithering. In the infancy of printers becoming common in businesses, then consumer-grade, it was common for printers to use halftoning and dithering heavily. This put a more realistic image to the paper as desired by most users. It made for a...
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    Epson 3880 Black Ink Leak Repair

    And as far as introductions go, this may have been better served by posting in a more-appropriate sub-section of the forum.
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    Hi everyone!

    Settle in and post questions, then!
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    Redox - Epson Stylus Pro 3880 leak

    Welcome to the forum Redox, but you may get more information by posting in the appropriate forum section. This is a place for people to introduce themselves, not to ask technical questions.
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    New member

    A fellow photographer here to welcome you, Petemi. Would be a person named Pete, in Michigan? Your username might suggest it.
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    I'm an old hat at printing but I'm not "The Hat"!

    Yeah, we were all Irish on that day, gobbling up tons of corned beef. :drool I welcome a fellow Michigander to this forum. :thumbsup
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    How to lubricate a scanner

    Instead of silicone, look for something which carries Teflon in it. Here in the US, I can get something called Tri-Flow. It has Teflon in it, carried by light petroleum distillates. Wiping away a freshly wet application leaves well-lubricated and clean part(s). For an application such as your...
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    Or how about a 1932 Auburn Speedster Boattail:
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information and Submissions

    Here's a Rolls-Royce Vutotal Cabriolet, 1939, Phantom III, by Labourdette: Largely one-of-a-kind, and this one continues to tour the world circuit.
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    HP M254nw now printing flat black (should be photo-glossy) on 120g glossy paper

    For what it may be worth to you, Gary, another option to protect the paper and give it a glossy surface, is to apply heavy clear packing tape. The super-thin cheap stuff isn't such a great option, while the thicker premium stuff is a better option. It's easily applied to paper, easily trimmed...
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    A great Woman has now passed..

    Should have been 'Great Britain' and Queen 'Elizabeth', if spelling counts. Nevertheless, I feel the loss as a US citizen, as well. The Queen has always been a part of my existence, and her passing ends a significant era of my life. It used to feel that the Queen would remain throughout my...
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    HP M254nw now printing flat black (should be photo-glossy) on 120g glossy paper

    As mentioned, confirm that your paper selection is for glossy laser output. Notwithstanding the fact you've made cutouts on the result you prefer, I notice a lot of wrinkling or shrinkage to the paper: nothing is smooth. Seeing as your print appears to be some sort of mechanical control panel...
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    HP M254nw now printing flat black (should be photo-glossy) on 120g glossy paper

    If the paper is the same, is the toner different? Laser & LED printers operate by heat-fusing plastic powders to paper. If the formulation of the toner material has changed since your successful printing job(s) is different, that could account for the difference. It's also possible that...
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    Canon Pixma Pro 100s - "yellow jello" issue

    If you have any remaining concerns about the Yello JeLL-O, simply flush the yellow cartridge(s) with Windex or whatever similar is available where you are. It seems that some small amount of ammonia is the secret to properly-flushed yellow cartridges to beat the issue. I've flushed all of mine...
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    Cost per page of color laser vs inkjet

    Yes, there are many third-party suppliers of consumables for HP toners. Are they all the same? No. they are not. is a great evaluation reposit of reviews for such third-party merchants, as are various sites found from a Google search. Search specifically for reviews, and...
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    Laser Printer Repair Help - Only printing vertical strips

    Samsung laser printers aren't very user-friendly or serviceable, in my opinion, just like their mobile phones. I owned a CLP-300 for a few years, and it did well for a time. 3 or 4 years later, it got temperemental, and stopped working. I could get it to work after 50 to 60 restarts, but it...
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    Cost per page of color laser vs inkjet

    Well, for starters, it helps to understand that costs of genuine HP consumables such as toner & ink are higher than most, due to the brand's market dominance. Inks in particular, from well-known brand makers, actually cost significantly more per ounce or ml than the most expensive perfumes...
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    Best place to buy QY6-0084 print head for Canon Pro 100

    I took a big chance on a printhead for a MG5320 a few years ago, and due to my vigilance in looking for imposters against genuine, it paid off. The big difference for me was learning about how genuine Canon packaging differed from imposter and fake packaging, and steering away from the fakes...
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    Just bought a new printer

    Just make sure the printhead cartridge doesn't dry out. That's the biggest problem with Canon inkjet printers. I keep my PRO-100 and MG5320 PIXMA printers going with a basic nozzle check every week or two. The MG5320 has gone to my mother, while the PRO-100 stays with me, and both are good...