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    Should I have any problems with a 2016 Pro 100 going to Windows 11?

    UPDATE: No issues with going to Windows 11 with my Pro 100. Just downloaded drivers.
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    Should I have any problems with a 2016 Pro 100 going to Windows 11?

    Thanks, Fritz. I'd assumed no problems, but that helps a lot!
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    Should I have any problems with a 2016 Pro 100 going to Windows 11?

    I'm getting a new Windows 11 PC soon. Should there be any issues with using my 2016 Canon Pro 100? Thanks for any advice! Fred
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    Daughter wants a simple,reliable,refillable tank printer-I know very little about them as I've refilled for years.

    She's looking for: -reliability -bottled ink with tanks for refillingll -easy to use -Wireless printing from a Mac (new iPad) Thanks for any suggestions!
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    Need to be educated on refilling cartridges on a Canon Pro100s

    All of the information you need is on Jose Rodriguez’s YouTube site.
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    Anyone using the Rudy Halimun CLI-42 refilling kit?

    I must have missed the long thread in 2011 on the "freedom method". After just reading it, the method has merit. But the implementation was complex and iffy. I saw this tool on Jose Rodriguez's YouTube channel. I'm certainly not making any money on it. It offers a way to refill used (and even...
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    Anyone using the Rudy Halimun CLI-42 refilling kit?

    It may be hogwash. That's why I asked if anyone has used it. Hands on experience is what I was looking for, but I doubted if anyone here had used this item, as a search found zilch. I've refilled from way back and tried all of the methods. Still top filling......but always curious about a new one.
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    Anyone using the Rudy Halimun CLI-42 refilling kit?

    This seems like a great way to refill CLI-42 cartridges for a Pro 100. Anyone have one and can share experiences? The cartridges are not modified (drilled) and are vacuum filled. Jose shows the refilling of a dried cartridge that was not modified nor flushed! There are other videos by Jose...
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    update: printer refill numbers - was 983 refills, now 2,000 refills. much thanks to this site and its members

    I have been refilling a 2016 Pro 100 with precision Color's ink and using the same 2 sets of cartridges for the entire 7 years (same printer/printhead and only 2 sets) and have never needed to flush! I'm not an extremely high volume user, but I've gone through many 500 sheet reams of paper. I...
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    Canon printers. How many of us are still refilling?

    Refilling for the last 15+ years. Pro 100 with an extra and 3x printheads in storage!
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    Longevity of a Pro 100?

    Thanks! I'll look into this further.
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    Longevity of a Pro 100?

    Is it difficult to reset the counter? Thanks!
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    Is it ever advisable to run a cleaning cycle on a Pro 100 that is several years old, but has no problems?

    My Pro 100 is 6+ years old and I have no issues. Do i ever need to run a cleaning cycle. I use Precision Color inks.
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    Longevity of a Pro 100?

    I probably paid too much for them ($49 US after rebates plus free 13x19 paper-50 sheets and selling the ink on Ebay). Those Canon rebates were amazing! I do feel lucky to have an extra + a couple of heads. Maybe they will outlast me. Fred
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    Longevity of a Pro 100?

    I have a Pro 100 that's 6 years old and working great. I'm not a high volume printer, but print regularly (the printer is never idle over a few days, often print an invoice, etc.). I have refilled with Precision Color inks from day one. What can I expect for the life of the printer and the life...
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    Refillable cartridge vs Resetting the cartridge

    What fun is refilling if you have never had your favorite shirt covered with blue ink? Of course, nothing like this has ever happened to me:ep
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    Switching to Precision Signature Edition-Pro 100?

    Thanks, Hat! Sounds like good advice.
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    Switching to Precision Signature Edition-Pro 100?

    I've used the previous Precision Color inks for several years in my Canon Pro 100 with zero problems. When I switch to SE inks, can I simply add ink to the empty cartridges that were using the older inks? Seems that I have read that it's OK, but I can't find the post. I don't care if the colors...
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    My Canon Pro 100 won't print large images. Prints only parts of image. What do I do?

    I wondered about the same thing. How many computers are affected? We have basically zero crossover with computers parts or software!