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    Printer suggestion.

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    Canon printers. How many of us are still refilling?

    Hi, I have an A4 Canon printer with individual ink tanks (MG5750). Colour accuracy is not important to me, as I don't print photos on this printer. I used to usecheap replacement cartridges (US$3 per cartridge), but for the sake of environment (plastic waste), I'd like to change to REFILL...
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    Printer suggestion.

    man, I am lost. My cheap Brother all-in-one printer failed a few months back. It was great and I bought it because of the cheap cartridge availability. So I bought another Brother. An MFC-J497DW because my old model is no longer made. This printer has been nothing but trouble. I've spent hours...
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    A4 printer recommendations - all much of a muchness?

    I'm in need of a new printer for home use. My last few printers have been Epson. My current one is a PX730WD, but one of the nozzles has been blocked and despite trying to clear it, no joy. If I remember correctly, Canon printer cartridges always used to come with a new head attached, so...
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    Home printer recommendation

    I would appreciate any suggestions
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    Home printer recommendation

    I’m fed up with not being able to print from home because the cartridges of my inkjet have dried up through sporadic use. Can anyone recommend something which: – Doesn’t mind being left a few weeks between prints (laser?) – Isn’t too big – Can print from iPhone / Android without the PC needs to...