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    InkJet Continuous Flow Systems for Epson Stylus Color 480 or 580

    If you want to do it by yourself, I will be very glad to help you , I think i can give you some pictures and instruction.
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    Adjusting Epson Stylus CX6600 Color Levels

    Are you using an EPSON original cartridges or an OEM cartridge in your CX6600? For original cartridge of magenta, you can choose another paper and test again. But for a compatible cartridge of magenta, I think it would be better to change another brand of cartridge. If you are using a CIS for...
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    Epson jump to R240 & R340 very fast!

    I think the R240(USA)/R250(ASIA) and R320/R340(ASIA) are designed intended to thwart refilling, CIS installation. see picture Only this model ATUO RESET CHIPS can be used on R240/R340, see picture...
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    Canon i960 problem (Magenta tint to all pictures)

    I agree with post 9#.
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    Canon S600 head clog

    ip4200 is better.
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    how to refill epson stylus c 64 cartridges

    No method to refill the EPSON carts of C64. Why not use a Continuous Ink System (CIS) for your C64 printer?
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    PGI-5 and CLI-8 Cartridges

    Canon uses the chipped carts on the new model of ip4200, and I have test it, and also i have studied its ink (8BK,5PGBK,8C,8M,8Y), I think we still can work with the refilled carts of ip4200 although its ink monitor disabled. By now i use my own inks on ip4200, it is a good printer. I believe...
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    work place photos

    I think it's a REAL picture!
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    Epson 460 is not printing

    I think the printer head had broken by you. "injected alcohol into the nipples that are attached to the head ....Received a spray of alcohol when injected. " this is not the correct operation. I think the correct method is "dipped the head by speacial clean liquid" . Now you have to give up...