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  1. baumgrenze

    Baumgrenze's Current Printers

    l registered with the Canon Community (I already have a MyCanon account) and created a new username that fits the allowed space. I used the same PW as I used for the MyCanon account. I tried to sign in and the PW/username are rejected. Is the Canon Community always this unfriendly? thanks baumgrenze
  2. baumgrenze

    Baumgrenze's Current Printers

    Nifty suggested a bit more information about me. After 50 years in Palo Alto, we moved to Charlottesville, VA to be closer to family. We arrived ~3.5 years ago on 3/14/23 (a significant date for Covid-19.) At 83 I'm slowing down a bit, but I still enjoy nature photography, wildflowers (on still...
  3. baumgrenze

    What Are the Filenames of the Printer Drivers For the Pixma Pro 200?

    Thank you kdsdata The install hangs at the Printer Connection screen. The printer is on. The software is aware that it is connected by a USB cable. This cable worked with this printer before, now it does not. The 'help' for troubleshooting has these instructions: If you cannot proceed beyond...
  4. baumgrenze

    Lost Access to an Edit in Progress

    An hour ago I started editing a message I posted regarding my Pixma Pro-200. I was trying to make it conform to the "little bit of Helpful advice." I also tried uploading an image and it was clearly the wrong size. Is there a thread that describes the appropriate size and dpi for an attachment...
  5. baumgrenze

    What Are the Filenames of the Printer Drivers For the Pixma Pro 200?

    I received my Canon Pixma Pro 200 color printer on 6/5/23. I am using a 2 m USB cable. Previously I successfully printed a few files using the same cable. Today I tried to print a page of text. I briefly saw the unhelpful message "the printer cannot print (file name)" followed by the more...
  6. baumgrenze

    New (and Old) Member

    I recently purchased a new Canon Pro 200 and am struggling to get it to print consistently. Canon keeps losing my login/password combination. I request a reset and they promise a reset message that never arrives. Yes, I've checked rejected spam. I'm here to tap into user knowledge. thanks...