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  • Hi Costadinos
    I read a couple of post where you mention photomart.co.uk paper and wanted to buy some rolls from them.
    I don't know what to pick, they have pearl, satin, glossy, lustre... and don't know which I should pick.
    I've used a lot of ilford smooth pearl for now it's been my most used paper.
    Could you help and describe them for me?
    thanks a lot
    best regards
    Hi Costadinos,

    I was hoping you could help an old photographer with his new Epson 7890 printer.
    I am looking for replacement pigment inks in sizes from 350ml to 700ml.
    I would like to use reliable, refillable cartridges.
    I have looked at the Marrutt and other and ConeColor Pro inksets.
    I live in the USA.
    Thank you very much,
    Mike Herring
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